AS Monaco is the Champion of the eFootball.Pro League

The Monegasque team won the Semifinal against FC Barcelona and the Final against Celtic FC

AS Monaco was crowned Champion of the Finals and lifted the first eFootball.Pro League trophy on Sunday, May 19th, 2019. They won after defeating Celtic FC in the first three of the five possible games of the Final, in a day where almost all of the matches were solved by the fast way. Celtic FC won the first Semifinal against FC Nantes, and AS Monaco won Semifinal 2 against FC Barcelona. Also, Lotfi and Usmakabyle obtained the awards to the top scorer and the top assists provider of the competition. E_C_Oneill won the MVP of the Season after being chosen by fans in a poll on Twitter.

20190519 PESFinals 1011

© eFootball.Pro / AS Monaco players Usmakabyle and Lotfi celebrate their victory.

Semifinal 1 had Celtic FC vs FC Nantes play (4-1, 3*-3) for a spot in the Final. Celtic started Game 1 dominating the ball possession completely. E_C_Oneill scored a hat trick in the first half of the Game, showing that the Bhoys were hungry and ready to move on to the Final. In the second half, Nantes was able to control the ball for a bit, but Celtic FC took an opportunity to intercept it and score their fourth goal of the Game. Game 2 was more hectic than the first one; every time one of the teams scored a goal, the opponent scored an equaliser almost immediately. It was a goal by Aazbabysk that forced Extra Time at the very end of Game 2 and since there were no goals during that time, Nantes’ and Celtic’s fate was decided by penalties. Celtic won and qualified for the Final 3-0 in penalties after Nantes failed all of their attempts.

20190519 PESFinals 0339

© eFootball.Pro / FC Nantes players during the Finals.

The second Semifinal had FC Barcelona against AS Monaco battle (2-4, 3-0, 0-6) for the last seat in the Final. AS Monaco was dominating the ball most of the time during Game 1, but the Blaugranas managed to equalise everytime AS Monaco scored a goal, and force Extra Time. Usmakabyle scored a goal during the added time to give AS Monaco the victory in Game 1. But things turned around completely during Game 2. FC Barcelona took control of things and began insisting without hesitation in seeking the goals they needed to force a third game and keep alive their chances of qualifying for the Final. But AS Monaco’s desire to reach the Final helped them take home Game 3 with an astonishing 0-6 with hat tricks from both Lotfi and Usmakabyle that left FC Barcelona without any options.

20190519 PESFinals 0541

© eFootball.Pro / FC Barcelona players during the Finals.

The Final of the eFootball.Pro League had Celtic FC against AS Monaco battling for the trophy (1-3, 1-2, 0-3). Game 1 showed a balanced possession for the finalists, but AS Monaco was the first to score and warn Celtic with two goals from Usmakabyle. Celtic was able to control the game a bit more than at the beginning and E_C_Oneill was able to score a goal, but it was not enough to snatch the game from AS Monaco. Celtic FC increased their insistence in Game 2 but the French players had more control of the ball. Usmakabyle put AS Monaco up in the scoreboard first, and E_C_Oneill equalised. Celtic kept creating dangerous goal opportunities, but none were successful. The game stayed with a draw forcing Extra Time, where Lotfi scored a goal to give AS Monaco its second victory in the Final series, putting them just one game away from lifting the trophy. 

20190519 PESFinals 0187

© eFootball.Pro / Celtic FC players during the Finals.

Celtic FC played Game 3 very desperate, doing anything in their power to look for their desired goal and victory. But this made them provoke many fouls, including two penalties. AS Monaco scored one of the penalties as their first goal of the Game. From there on, AS Monaco had almost the whole game in their hands. Lotfi scored two more goals in what remained of the match. In this way AS Monaco was crowned Champions of the eFootball.Pro League, with only three games and a great desire to lift the trophy.

Along with the eFootball.Pro League trophy Usmakabyle won the Top Assists provided award (17 assists), and Lotfi won the Top Goalscorer award (20 goals). The MVP of the Season was E_C_Oneill, chosen by the fans via a poll on Twitter. The AS Monaco team also participated in the live Analysis Program after the awards ceremony to talk about their journey in the eFootball.Pro League Finals and other aspects of their participation at the Regular League. In this way the first season of the eFootball.Pro League finished, in a day full of emotions, excitement and many goals from the players, who gave their best in this tournament to show what they are capable of.