Players' thoughts of their performance after FC Nantes vs FC Barcelona in Matchday 4

FC Nantes looking forward to the matches in May, while a satisfied FC Barcelona will keep improving for the next matches

Alex GRD, player for FC Nantes, stated: “It’s not finished, we still have the last chance, and we need to win this game. We win all our games in training but here is different. And today was not our day but we will be back better.”

The French player also said: “Always hope, but we will win against Boavista, and after, all is in May. The most important is to win in May and I think we will be here for May and ready to win the eFootball.Pro”.

After winning their match and qualifying for the Finals, FC Barcelona player Alex Alguacil expressed that he is “Very happy, very happy because we keep improving our style, it’s round. I’m not sure what is our maximum point to reach on level”

The Spanish player also stated that he is pleased with his teammate’s work: “Very happy with PaUUU24, he keeps improving. Not a lot of people believed in him since the beginning because it was a risky move for Barca to contract him, but very happy. He scored an amazing goal with Malcom and he is the top scorer of the league as well.”

Alex Alguacil also stated: “We are showing that with tiki taka, with our style, with our moves we could beat everybody so let’s keep trying. I think Matchday 4 is a victory. We’ll keep step by step and let’s see.”