AS Monaco's Usmakabyle wins MVP for Matchday 5

His role was decisive, specially in Game 1, against FC Barcelona. The match ended with a draw and Usmakabyle scored 2 goals

AS Monaco player Usmakabyle won MVP of Matchday 5 for the third time in the season. He scored two goals, and was the most effective player in passes, dribbles, and receiving passes of the match (according to the Match Stats). He was chosen MVP of Match 3 by Stewart “Wezza” Westley, pundit for Matchday 5, because he ”demonstrates the quality and skill that we know he possesses.” INDOMINATOR and Alex GRD, MVPs of Matches 1 and 2 respectively, were also competing against Usmakabyle for the ultimate MVP of Matchday 5, but Usmakabyle won with a wide range of advantage in votes from fans via a poll on Twitter. Here are the French player’s key moments, explained:


1. At the beginning of Game 1, AS Monaco had a close chance for goal. They kept approaching the penalty area at the offensive side of the field, until Usmakabyle made a through pass to Lotfi among FC Barcelona’s defenders in the middle of the penalty area. Lotfi kicked the ball as he was facing the goalkeeper but it hit the right post.

2. AS Monaco executed a very quick game passing the ball amongst themselves as they were getting close to the penalty area. Lotfi was able to receive a pass effectively leaving behind Barcelona’s defenders. He faced the goalkeeper and kicked the ball for a goal, but Barcelona’s goalkeeper drifted the ball away.

3. For AS Monaco’s first goal Lotfi made a through pass to Usmakabyle from the middle of the offensive side to the penalty area. The duo was able to exchange quick passes in the penalty area until Usmakabyle was almost by himself facing the goalkeeper at the left corner of the goalbox. The MVP made his shot and scored the first goal of the game.

4. Lotfi received a pass before the right side the penalty area. He passed it to Usmakabyle, who was by the penalty spot, ready to shoot for goal, but the ball went to the left side of the goalpost.

5. Usmakabyle received a throw-in in the right side of the offensive half. From there on, the AS Monaco squad exchanged passes until Lotfi reached the right border of the penalty area and passed the ball across to Usmakabyle. The MVP tried to head the ball into the net, but FC Barcelona’s goalkeeper yield it away, awarding ASM a corner kick.

6. AS Monaco was awarded a corner kick at the 50th minute of Game 1. At first, FC Barcelona’s goalkeeper rejected it, but Lotfi was able to keep the ball by heading it over to his teammate, who was right outside the penalty area. He headed it over to Usmakabyle, who provided a high pass to Lotfi, who headed it to Usmakabyle near the penalty spot and he finally made a bicycle kick to shoot for goal, but Barcelona’s goalkeeper rejected it, awarding another corner kick to ASM.

7. Usmakabyle made the corner kick with a pass into the penalty area, where he received it and immediately made a bicycle kick across the goal to score and give AS Monaco the lead.

8. After FC Barcelona made a corner kick on the 54th minute, AS Monaco’s goalkeeper rejected the ball and Usmakabyle was able to find it. They immediately exchanged passes until Usmakabyle was able to make a run for the penalty area. He made a long pass to Lotfi through the middle and in front of two Barcelona defenders. He scored the goal through the goalkeeper’s left side and into the net.

9. The MVP managed to steal a thrown-in from FC Barcelona. He quickly made a long pass to Lotfi at the midfield, who passed it across to Usmakabyle. He made a through pass to Lotfi, who was making a run for the penalty area between FC Barcelona’s defenders. When he was close enough to the goal, he made a shot, but the opponent’s goalkeeper was able to reject it.

10. Usmakabyle held on to the ball from the left side to the center of the field as he came closer to the penalty area. He made a through pass to Lotfi, who was inside the penalty area. He immediately attempted to score a goal from the right side of the penalty spot, but FC Barcelona’s goalkeeper rejected the ball sending it to his left and outside the field.