Usmakabyle crowned MVP for Matchday 3

This is the second time in a row that an AS Monaco player is selected as the MVP for a matchday, and the third, as a match MVP

AS Monaco player Usmakabyle wins MVP of Matchday 3, after leading the Twitter poll with a wide advantage over the MVPs of Matches 2 & 3, Aazbabysk and PaUUU24 respectively. His performance included five goals, several goal attempts, and many key plays that made him MVP of Matchday 3, chosen by fans via a poll in eFootball.Pro’s Twitter. Here are the French player’s key moments, explained:

1. On Game 1, on the third minute of the match, Lotfi generated a clear opportunity for the red and white team. After a perfectly aimed throw-in on the left side of the field in Portuguese territory for himself, he proceeded with passing the ball with a header for Usmakabyle, who immediately kicked the ball into the net.

2. Usmakabyle came running from midfield, made several passes combined with his partner until finally finding himself inside the penalty area and trying a shot on goal. But Monaco’s goalkeeper saved the opportunity.

3. During the 80th minute of the first game of the match, a free kick by AS Monaco was taken near the central circle, towards Boavista’s goal. The kick was received by Usmakabyle in the crowded penalty box, where he and his teammate managed to get the ball through a persistent Boavista defense until scoring the goal that gave Monaco a draw.

4. At the beginning of the second game, AS Monaco scored another goal. Usmakabyle and Lotfi came from the right side of the field swapping passes amongst themselves. Usmakabyle passed the ball over the penalty area, but a Boavista player headed the ball away from the goal but it went straight towards Usmakabyle’s virtual player’s feet. He immediately passed the ball to Lotfi, who, from the penal point, scored the goal.

5. Usmakabyle passed the ball down the left side of the field until reaching his teammate in the opposite territory, where they swapped passes through spaces without defenders until finding themselves in the penalty area. Lotfi attempted to score a goal but the goalkeeper refused it, the ball ball ended up bouncing at the feet of Usmakabyle, who didn’t think about it twice to score the goal.

6. This play started with a long pass from Usmakabyle to Lotfi, quickly passing the ball to the MVP, who then quickly found his teammate in the penalty area. Monaco’s offense kept passing the ball between themselves from left to right, until it finally reached Usmakabyle perfectly located in the penalty box to score his hat trick in Game 2.

7. This goal attempt began with an intercepted pass from Usmakabyle at Boavista’s defence area. The AS Monaco duo did not find it complicated to reach the penalty area, but unluckily, the goalkeeper rejected Usmakabyle’s attempt.

8. This goal did not take long to occur. After Monaco’s goalkeeper sent the ball away from his net, the ball bounced in the crowded equator to Usmakabyle, passing it quickly to Lofti, who did not found it hard to keep getting closer to Boavista’s goalkeeper. The youngster found Usmakabyle perfectly located facing the goalkeeper, putting AS Monaco 4-1 and adding a goal to  his MVP performance. All it took was speed and precision for the French team to dominate this play.

9. AS Monaco’s fifth goal of Game 2 started right at Monaco’s goal line, where Usmakabyle saved a possible corner for Boavista with a pass through the air for Lotfi. It only took two more long passes to reach the Boavista’s penalty box, where Lotfi then passed the ball to Usmakabyle, who was already near the penalty spot to attempt the goal, but Boavista’s goalkeeper rejected it. Again, it bounced in Lotfi’s virtual player’s feet, immediately scoring Monaco’s fifth goal.

10. After interrupting a pass from the Boavista squad, Monaco proceeded with a quick tiki taka, forcing the play in the opposite field, until finding an open space facing Boavista’s goalkeeper to, unsuccessfully, make two goal attempts.

11. Usmakabyle’s last key moment of Matchday 3 consisted in only four passes before the player’s last goal. One long pass, almost completely over Monaco’s side, and two more to reach the penalty box. Lotfi made a crossed pass from left to right, inside the penalty box over two Boavista defenders, to find Usmakabyle in the lower right corner of the goalbox. He sent the ball inside the net with a powerful kick.

The 2-time World Champion in 2015 & 2016 and French Champion in 2015 was chosen MVP of Match 1 by Matchday 3 analyst Billy Muscarel and Jordi Orteu, eFootball.Pro Esports Director. Without any doubt, Usmakabyle’s performance was key to successfully achieve an important draw to stay qualified for the next stage of the eFootball.Pro League. Click here to watch Usmakabyle’s best moments during Matchday 3.