5 Key Tips & Tricks that every PES player aspiring to become professional should know

FC Barcelona player, Alex Alguacil, offers useful tips & tricks for anyone looking to become a professional PES player

If you want to become a professional PES player the best thing you can do is learn from the pros. The European champion in 2016, Spanish champion in 2015, 2018 World Champion in CO-OP mode and runner-up in 1v1, Alex Alguacil, has some advice to those of you who dream to become a PES champion someday. Put these tips into practice and you'll see that you'll become better in no time!

Tip #1 - Be serious and committed about becoming a pro PES player

If you really want to be a professional esports player, you need to know that it is a serious commitment you need to make. You have to establish training routines and invest many hours practicing because if you don't, another player will, and they will be more skillful than you. The more you practice, the more skills and abilities you'll gain.

Tip #2 - The best player is the most complete player

The game may not look complex, but it is. There are many ways to surpass your opponent within the game, not only by  ability or speed, but with skilled tricks and moves you can learn by rehearsing them. Be very open with learning other aspects within the gameplay because the player that learns to master these, at the end will be the best.

Tip #3 - Watch and learn from other pro PES players

One handy tip is to observe other pro PES players performing their skills. Try to watch PES events consistently and focus on the players' moves and tricks. Observe how they face matches and how they react during bad moments. Alex Alguacil believes that this element is very important because these little things are the ones that will make a big difference in the future.

Tip #4 - Remain with an open mentality at all times during a match

This is very important because there will be moments where things won't come out well and there will be tension and pressure. You need to be able to overcome those bad moments, and for that, you need to be mentally ready. Always keep your spirits high and look for options when things aren't looking great. Always have a good perception of what's happening and always see the positive side of things, or else, you will get mentally blocked, and it will be more difficult to fix the situation. This is something that you will gain as you get more experience playing professionally.

Tip #5 - Dare yourself to enter tournaments and keep going, you have nothing to lose!

Remember that becoming a pro is a process. Start by playing online, you'll see that you'll get better with time. Don't fully trust the general evaluation at first because it is somewhat  unstable. Trust your gut when you're playing, see if you're dominating the game and progressing. This is what really matters. Keep an eye for upcoming competitions and whenever one comes out, try it out! Don't miss the chance because you're afraid of losing or the fact that the opponents may play better than you, because this is where you will really make a quality leap.

We all dream of reaching an on-site final and playing with the best pros in awesome places. Go on taking chances, the reward is very satisfactory. And most importantly, enjoy this! Give it your all and be enthusiastic about it. It will not be easy, but never stop desiring and working for what you want.