Watch the 5 best goals of Matchday 4 chosen by our pundit

The selection made by Stewart "Wezza" Westley include amazing tactics, shoots and a decisive goal on the stoppage-time 

AS Monaco’s only goal of the match came after Usmakabyle successfully tackled the ball from INDOMINATOR and continued briefly with the ball, and passed it to Lotfi. E_C_Oneill tried to interrupt Lotfi’s path by sliding in front of him, but the ball ended up un Usmakabyle’s virtual player’s feet. It only took one long pass after that to Lotfi, who was inside the penalty area waiting to receive the ball to kick it inside the net.

This one started off with a goal kick from Boavista received by Christopher at the right side of the field a couple of metres to the left of the midfield. The Portuguese player continued to approach the penalty area, until reaching the bottom right corner of the penalty area to pass the ball to TioMit, who was right at the right side of the goal, through the air. TioMit immediately passed the ball to Christopher, who was facing the goalkeeper, to kick the ball into the net.

This FC Barcelona goal was successful due to the ball control employed by the players. The Spanish pair made 6 passes near the penalty area before scoring the goal. PaUUU24 received the ball inside the penalty area, perfectly positioned to press the Shoot button, but instead, he opted to pass it to his teammate, across the goal area, to secure the goal.

The second best goal of Matchday 4 started out with a series of passes through open spaces the Celtic players had identified. The Bhoys were slowly getting closer to the penalty area with their tiki taka, until INDOMINATOR received a pass right by the penalty spot and scored his goal.

The goal scored by Boavista at the 94th minute of Game 1 is without any doubt the best goal of Matchday 4. TioMit patiently approached the penalty area and passed the ball through the air for his teammate Christopher, who was inside the crowded penalty area. Luckily, Christopher received the ball at the left of the penalty spot, headed the ball for his teammate, who smashed the ball inside the net, giving Boavista the victory.