Watch the 5 best goals of the last Regular League Matchday

FC Nantes, Celtic FC and FC Barcelona star this selection by our pundit Stewart 'Wezza' Westley

Right at the start of Game 2 of Match 2, Nantes made the first kick. They quickly started playing towards their offensive side, making a couple of passes as they approached the goal. Alex GRD spotted Aazbabysk at the penalty area, to whom he made a long pass to. Then, Aazbabysk passed it along to Alex GRD, who came running from his left side, and scored the first goal of the second game.

The fourth best goal of Matchday 5, scored by Celtic FC, started off with a pass to INDOMINATOR from the midfield. He next found E_C_Oneill near the penalty box, who passed it to INDOMINATOR, who was almost by himself at the border of the penalty box. He quickly faced the goal and kick the ball into the net.

E_C_Oneill began approaching the left penalty area through a nearly empty left side of the field. He came close enough to the penalty area, where he passed the ball across to his teammate. INDOMINATOR instantly found E_C_Oneill at the penalty spot, ready to shoot the ball into the net.

Aazbabysk made a corner kick towards the crowded penalty area of the right side of the field. It was precisely kicked to Alex GRD, who made a bicycle kick from the border of the goal box to score the goal.

The best goal of Matchday 5 was scored by FC Barcelona. AS Monaco has just scored their first goal of Game 1. After the initial kick awarded to FC Barcelona, they managed to keep the ball from being taken from AS Monaco with a series of passes as they got closer to the penalty area. PaUUU24 passed the ball to Alex Alguacil from the left side of the penalty area to the left of the penalty spot. Alex Alguacil didn’t hesitate to shoot and score the equalizer.