These are the best 5 goals of Matchday 2

The most exciting goals of Matchday 2 combined the players' skills and techniques that prove their abilities as pros

Matchday 2 clashes between FC Nantes vs AS Monaco, Celtic FC vs Boavista FC and Schalke 04 vs FC Barcelona ended with 23 goals. eFootball.Pro pundit, Yos Sonneveld, chose the top 5 goals scored on Matchday 2 based on complexity of the execution and technique. Watch above the top 5 goals scored on Matchday 2:

#5 - The fifth best goal was scored by GoooL from Schalke 04. GoooL's virtual player kicked the ball powerfully into the net from the center of the semicircle in the penalty area, as he received a perfect pass from his teammate EL_Matador.

#4 - Ildistruttore-44 scored the fourth best goal by receiving the ball from a high pass, landing beautifully at his feet. The virtual player only took two steps to send the ball to the net, scoring for Celtic FC.
#3 - The third best goal from Matchday 3 was scored by FC Barcelona's player, PaUUU24. His virtual player was standing to the left of the penalty point when he received a short pass from Alex Alguacil, to successfully surprise Schalke 04's goalkeeper.

#2 - The runner-up for best goal of the matchday was a header scored by Christopher for Boavista FC. Teammate TioMit provided a high assistance for the goal scorer, who managed to hit the ball with the virtual player's head, putting it over the goalkeeper, making it hard to reach, ending in an amazing goal for the Portuguese team.

#1 - The best goal of Matchday 2 was scored by GoooL for Schalke 04. The amazing twist by EL_Matador, immediately followed by a quick pass for GoooL were key in the best goal of Matchday 2. It was a surprising goal for the Catalan team, so quick, that it left them practically without defending options.