These are our guests’ thoughts on the eFootball.Pro Invitational

Clubs representatives and the professional player Alex Alguacil spoke about the event

Marco Buljevic, Business Operations Schalke 04 Esports: “I think it’s unbelievable, if you look around and see this truck eFootball.Pro came with, the set up they have, the teams they invited… It’s an awesome event, a great competition. Our players like it, the fans love it.”

Alex Alguacil, PES professional player: “I’m so happy. It’s really cool being here, in Germany, in the Schalke-Tag, wIth a new game, enjoying the game, playing with the kids… It’s so fun, I love to do that. I’m looking forward for more events in the future.” “eFootball.Pro is changing the situation for us, the players, and I’m very happy to be here, in the first event ever.”

Miguel Pacheco, Business Manager Celtic FC: “I think it’s a great experience to see all the facilities, to see how they come to reality. For the players, it’s the first time they play together but to be here competing against Schalke, who have a very experienced team, and Santos, who have a very competitive team, is a very good experience for us."

Renato Sá Neto, Esports Manager Santos FC: “Virtual football is going to grow a lot when the real clubs start to see how to get in this market. Everything is new, but the idea of eFootball.Pro is incredible, I support it and I really appreciate all this project.”