Ranking of the 5 quickest goals of the 2018-19 eFootball.Pro League season

Some players got to score before the fifth minute of play, some even did it in the first two minutes

The first season of the eFootball.Pro League allowed spectators to witness really quick goals, including five scored within the first five minutes of play. Among them, there are two by former Celtic FC players Ettorito97 and Ildistruttore-44, and one that was scored right after the starting whistle.

Matchday 5. Celtic FC vs FC Schalke 04. Game 2, 0-1. GoooL
FC Schalke 04’s GoooL scored the first goal of the second game of the match against Celtic FC. Matthias Winkler received his teammate MeroMen’s pass and the ball hit the net in the minute 4:39. The game ended in a draw, and the match was won by Celtic after a victory in the first game.

Matchday 3. Boavista FC vs AS Monaco. Game 1, 0-1. Usmakabyle
It was the first goal of the longest Regular League match. AS Monaco’s Usmakabyle scored when the scoreboard was showing 3:38. Oddly enough, the sixth quickest goal of the season was scored by Boavista’s TioMit less than 2 minutes after this one (5:14).

Matchday 2. Celtic FC vs Boavista FC. Game 2, 1-0. ETTORITO97
The 2018 PES League world champion Ettore Giannuzzi scored after three minutes and six seconds in Matchday 2. The player tried to beat the record of the next goal of the list, but he missed by 41 seconds.
Matchday 2. Celtic FC vs Boavista FC. Game 1, 1-0. Ildistruttore-44
Also representing Celtic FC, Luca Tubelli (Ildistuttore-44) scored the second fastest goal of the season in the same match than the third one. He did it after only two minutes and twenty-five seconds of play.
Matchday 5. FC Nantes vs Boavista FC. Game 2, 1-0. Alex GRD
FC Nantes’s Alex GRD was in charge of the quickest goal of the eFootball.Pro League. He did it in the exciting second match of Matchday 5, when Nantes, Boavista and Monaco were fighting for a place in the Finals. Will his record of 1:34 minutes be broken in season 2?