Schalke 04’s progress through the eFootball.Pro League

The German team can overcome their outcome of the season by succeeding in the Last Chance Group

FC Schalke 04 started the season among the fourth and third places, but their defeats on the two last Matchdays dropped them to sixth place. The Miners  began their season at the eFootball.Pro League on 4th place after a defeat on Matchday 1 (1-0). On Matchday 2 (1-0), they achieved their first and only victory of the season against FC Barcelona. Then, they earned their only draw on the season against FC Nantes on Matchday 3. The German team ended the season on 6th place after losing on Matchdays 4 and 5 to Boavista FC and Celtic FC, respectively.
Player EL_Matador is on third place for the player that has scored the most goals (10), behind players PaUUU24 (15) and Lotfi (11). Also, Schalke 04 is the team that has made the most saves in the eFootball.Pro Regular League (22). Matchdays 1 and 2 were played by EL_Matador and GoooL. The Miners later had the incorporation of MeroMen, who played alongside EL_Matador on Matchday 3. The pair played together again on Matchday 4, but on Matchday 5, Schalke 04 was represented by GoooL and MeroMen.

Schalke 04’s defeat on the first Matchday of the season, against AS Monaco, came off from a draw in Game 1 (2-2) and a victory for their opponents on Game 2 (2-1). They overcame this defeat with a victory on Matchday 2 against FC Barcelona (1-0), with a tied Game 1 (2-2) and a victory on Game 2 (3-2). On Matchday 4, they were defeated by Boavista FC (2-0) from defestas in both Game 1 (3-2) and Game 2 (2-1). They also lost to Celtic FC on Matchday 5 (1-0). Even though they managed to draw on Game 2 (1-1), Celtic FC had already won Game 1 (2-0).

Although they finished the season on the 6th place of the eFootball.Pro League table, they still have an opportunity to battle for the last spot in the Semifinal by winning the Last Chance Group. They will face FC Nantes and Boavista FC in hopes of turning around the season’s outcome. If they succeed to move on to the next round, they will face Celtic FC in the Semifinal.