New Players Debut on the eFootball.Pro League

MeroMen, INDOMINATOR & E_C_Oneill played their first match on Matchday 3

The eFootball.Pro League welcomed three new players during Matchday 3 on Saturday, February 23rd, 2019. Celtic FC premiered a new duo for the league, INDOMINATOR & E_C_Oneill. Both of them had already played for the Scottish club in the eFootball.Pro Invitational. On the other hand, Schalke 04 had the debut of MeroMen on the competition.

INDOMINATOR is a well-known PES player in both 1v1 and CO-OP categories. He was the PES Dutch champion in 2017 and was a finalist of PES League in CO-OP mode in 2018. He also was eFootball.Pro League’s former pundit. E_C_Oneill’s track record includes being the Dutch champion and reaching PES League final phase in 2017. MeroMen has played alongside his teammate EL_Matador in the 2018 Europe Regional Finals in Barcelona. The German player has also participated in various European PES competitions in the past years, including PES League 2018, playing in 1v1 and in CO-OP.

The players talked about starting a new chapter as pro players in the eFootball.Pro League, the League’s toughest opponents, and their chances to qualify to the next stage of the tournament.

How do you feel about being part of the eFootball.Pro League?
E_C_Oneill: I feel really happy and honored to be here. Most people know we played at the eFootball.Pro Invitational as Celtic players, and now it’s good to be back. Really excited, yeah, to take home this competition and show what we are capable of.

INDOMINATOR, you’ve been part of eFootball.Pro League, but now you’re on the other side, how do you feel?
INDOMINATOR: I didn't expect this at all. I was focusing on the next matchday as a pundit, because now we are one of the players. Like Eldridge [E_C_Oneill], I’m very happy and very honoured to wear the green and white hoops. Looking forward to play the remaining three games.

INDOMINATOR, you know better than anyone the chances for Celtic FC. What do you think about the classification? Do you think today you can make it to the Finals?
INDOMINATOR: Since last week, we started to practice, Eldridge and me together, online and offline against some teams that were in this league as well. We are pretty confident in our way of play and hopefully we can show it today.

MeroMen, how do you feel about being part of Schalke 04?
MeroMen: I’m quite happy to be playing for Schalke 04 in the eFootball.Pro League. We've got a strong team with EL_Matador and I’m sure we can offer an attractive game.

E_C_Oneill, If you win, you classify today for the Finals. Do you think you have chances today to classify?
E_C_Oneill: To be honest, I don't think there will be many changes from ETTORITO97 and Ildistruttore-44 to INDOMINATOR and me. I think we will stay at the top of the table. We play very strong together as well. We qualified in CO-OP for the [PES League] Regional Finals for Season 1, and probably for Season 2, so we believe in ourselves. Before we were part of the eFootball.Pro League, we played as 2v2 with other competitors for training, and in the training online we won against them. We are very confident that we can take what we did at home during the training here, to the eFootball.Pro Arena. So probably, we will go to the Finals, and then we will show everyone that we deserve to be here.

INDOMINATOR, which team is the hardest team to beat, for you?
INDOMINATOR: Personally, I think Celtic FC has already played two matches against two opponents who, which I think, are not the greatest ones. I personally think AS Monaco is the toughest opponent for us. And also Schalke 04,  because the two players from Schalke know each other for many years and they've played for many years together, and FC Barcelona as well. We have to play against Barcelona today, and those two Spanish players are both World Champions in 1v1 and 3v3, so they are very experienced. But I think we will make a good chance to qualify for the top three.

MeroMen, who is the hardest opponent for Schalke 04?
MeroMen: I think each rival has their own strengths. Off the top of our heads, we can’t really say who’s stronger and who’s weaker. We are all professionals and top quality players. Celtic FC and AS Monaco may be a step ahead of the others, but I believe we’re all at the same level and it’ll all depend on how we’re feeling each day. You can’t directly say who is better or worse, so we all have the same opportunities here.

E_C_Oneil and INDOMINATOR, you have a new life now. How do you combine the routine of training and all of this with you daily life?
E_C_Oneil: As we play CO-OP together already, we know what formations, and we can expect from each other. Now we only have to get used to the Celtic FC [virtual] players and find the work information and tactic. Now that we found that, it's just a matter of doing. Just all odds, all we have to do. We train online at home. As we have already played many games in CO-OP on PS4 and XBOX, so we know already what we have to expect from each other. So we only have to train with the Celtic [virtual] players and get used to the Celtic [virtual] players.