MeroMen & EL_Matador play Heads Up

Each Schalke 04 player had to guess the word on the tablet with clues from their teammate before the time ran out

MeroMen and EL_Matador faced each other in a Heads Up challenge. Heads Up is a game that consists in guessing words such as actors, athletes, designers and other famous people with clues and descriptions that the other players give. The Schalke 04 players had a minute and a half each to guess the most words. The player that when the time ran out had guessed the most words was crowned the winner.

MeroMen was first up to guess the most words. He had to guess famous people such as actors, musicians, football players, designers, among others. He was able to successfully guess Walter White, Pirlo, Amy Winehouse, Coco Channel, Karl Lagerfeld, and Pablo Escobar. EL_Matador decided to skip Bruce Springsteen, Ada Hegerberg, and Jeff Bezos because he thought those would be difficult for him to guess. MeroMen failed to guess Serena Williams.

EL_Matador was next to face the Heads Up challenge. He had to guess football athletes and TV series characters. He was able to guess Neuer, Tsubasa, Donald Trump, Adriano, Batman, Castolo, Merkel and Huntelaar. He could not guess Daenerys Targaryen and Semra Hunter, a PES League 2018 host.

At the end of the challenge, EL_Matador was crowned the winner of the game with 7 words guessed. MeroMen was only able to guess 6. See the challenge for yourself and see how many words you would have guessed!