Matchday 2 MVP's amazing performance

AS Monaco player, Lotfi, was selected as the MVP for Matchday 2 after a closed poll via Twitter

The youngest player in eFootball.Pro League, Lotfi, from AS Monaco, had a memorable performance during Matchday 2 on Saturday, 26 January 2019. It was full of key moments, two goals, and an important draw to stay alive in the tournament. Lotfi's teamwork skills and connection between himself and his teammate was an important part in achieving Monaco's draw.

This French pro player has won many achievements in the PES world that includes being among the 3 best PES players in France in 2016, reaching quarterfinals in PES League World Finals in 2017, winning the Americas Round and the Europe Regional Finals in Barcelona on last year, and finishing as a semifinalist of PES League in CO-OP mode with teammate RedMamba.

His vast history playing PES professionally allows him to play a key part in his team, helping it keep moving forward onto the next stages of the tournament. Here are the key moments that made him MVP of the Match chosen by Yos Sonneveld and MVP of Matchday 2 chosen by the fans after a very closed poll in Twitter:
Moment 1:

On Game 1, during the second half of the first game of the match, Lotfi scored his first goal of the day. It consisted of a pass from Usmakabyle to him, on the right lower corner of the penalty box, where it  later converted into a short pass to Usmakabyle towards the right side of the semicircle of the penalty box. Usmakabyle managed to drift the ball through Nantes' defence, ending at Lotfi's feet, immediately shooting to send the ball into the net, leaving Nantes' goalkeeper short of any possibilities to save the chance. This was Lotfi's first goal of the match, turning the game 2-1.

Moment 2:

Lotfi comes quickly with a pass from Usmakabyle, keeps the ball comfortably without any yellow-shirted men in his way, towards the middle of Nantes' side of the field. Then, he returns the ball to Usmakabyle, who comes running facing the penalty box, which is only a few meters away from him. He keeps running to find Lotfi in the penalty box, prepared to shoot for goal, but instead, he misses, aiming to the left side of the goalbox.

Moment 3:

On Game 2, after a lost throw-in by Nantes, which resulted in a precise kick towards the feet of Usmakabyle, he quickly kicked the ball towards the semi circle of the penalty box, where Lotfi was already waiting for him. He attempted to penetrate the ball into the area, but it was returned by Nantes' defence. Lotfi successfully acquired the ball back, quickly finding his teammate, Usmakabyle, who secured the ball at the penalty kick point to find Lotfi charging towards the goalbox, but, unluckily, Nantes' goalkeeper was well positioned, rejecting the goal attempt.

Moment 4:

Lotfi comes running with the ball at his virtual players' feet from the right side of the midfield towards Nantes' defending side, his path almost completely free of yellow jerseys, where he finds Usmakabyle standing exactly at the lower right corner of the penalty box ready to receive the ball. They proceed to do a quick tiki taka amongst themselves, to secure the ball in a dangerous area. They kept performing the technique until they found themselves close enough to the goal box, only to attempt a shoot for goal that ended up in a Nantes defender's back.

Moment 5:

This amazing play had the AS Monaco players pass the ball amongst themselves while running towards the penalty area. It ended with Usmakabyle facing the goalkeeper, with Nantes' defence throwing themselves at the shooter, but they both failed to pursue their purpose at the moment. Usmakabyle's kick ended up being shooted towards the left side of the goalbox, resulting in a goal kick for Nantes.
Moment 6:

This play came as a result of a goal kick by Nantes' goalkeeper that ended up in Monaco's feet. It was followed by a long pass towards Nantes defending side of the field, with a quick back  forth pass to secure the ball, followed with a perfectly aimed hard pass, kicked from the lower right corner of the penalty box, where Lotfi was waiting for the ball to get to him so he could score a header ball. But the attempt ended up in the left side of the goalbox, awarding a goal kick to Nantes

Moment 7:

The first goal of Game 2 came all the way from the midfield, finding in its way Nantes' defenders. But Monaco's offense was way stronger and insisting in achieving the goal. The ball jumped from head to head within Nantes' defence in the penalty area, only to be received by Monaco's offense, who found their way to a yellow-free area of the penalty box, ending with Lotfi's goal. A strong kick from the penalty spot, quickly passing through the left side of Nantes' goalkeeper, ending up in the amazing goal.

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