KONAMI releases eFootball PES 2020

This season’s video game is available from September 10th worldwide, and from September 12th in Asia

eFootball PES 2020 is already available for PlayStation4, Xbox One and PC Steam. The video game was released worldwide on September 10th, and in Asia on September 12th. Professional players and fans have been able to play and showed their first impressions on social media.

To celebrate the launch of the video game, some eFootball.Pro players were in special events. FC Barcelona’s Alex Alguacil was in Camp Nou taking part in a Beat the Pro activity, and Schalke’s MeroMen was in a tournament with fans in Germany.

Some players, such as Celtic FC’s INDOMINATOR and E_C_Oneill, promoted the launch by giving away eFootball PES 2020 copies through social media, and some others, such as Christopher, couldn’t wait to play as soon as the game was released.

The video game release came along with the first big players update. All the summer transfer market –which ended on September 2nd– changes were added, so fans can enjoy the updated teams, with the roster they currently have. In addition, this week begins the new Matchday mode, in which players can choose one of the two available sides, play games, earn points and opt to compete in a live broadcast online match. This first event will be dedicated to UEFA EURO 2020, and the available teams will be European national teams.

Both eFootball.Pro and eFootball.Open competitions, starting this November, will be played using eFootball PES 2020. More details on both tournaments will be unveiled soon.