INDOMINATOR & E_C_Oneill face each other in the Casters Challenge

The Celtic players took the challenge to see which of the two has better commentator skills

E_C_Oneill and INDOMINATOR were challenged to showcase their commentator skills for fans to see how well they can comment an eFootball.Pro League play. Adam Butcher, eFootball.Pro League Host & Commentator, was the judge of the challenge and responsible for choosing the winner. The challenge consisted in showing three different goals from eFootball.Pro League Matchdays to the Bhoys that they had to narrate. Afterwards, Adam had to choose who had done a better job casting the goals.

E_C_Oneill was up first to narrate the first goal of the challenge, which was scored by Boavista. He quickly narrated how the players passed the ball among themselves until they scored the goal followed by the team that scored the goal. INDOMINATOR described a little bit more how was the pass made before announcing the goal. Adam said it was a good attempt.

For the next goal, E_C_Oneill informed that the play was a free kick for FC Barcelona. Then he narrated the passes that FCB made afterwards before yelling “¡GOLAZO!”. He then updated the score of the game for the audience. INDOMINATOR was more descriptive in narrating the play. He detailed more passes and players than E_C_Oneill.

On the last goal, E_C_Oneill described the passes made by the players and then yelled “yield pass” three times to emphasize the unique move. He narrated one more move before announcing the goal and the team that scored it. INDOMINATOR started to describe in a more detailed way, but when he was about to describe a more complex and quicker play, his words got tangled up. He picked up his commentary just before the virtual player scored the goal.

The Celtic players had finished their task to score three goals and it was time to choose a winner. Adam Butcher said that it was very tough for him to choose a winner, since he felt that E_C_Oneill was the most passionate and exuberant caster while INDOMINATOR had a better commentary style, aside from when he got his speech tangled up. Adam decided to go with a draw, since both players had done an amazing job in casting the goals their own way.

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