How well do INDOMINATOR and E_C_Oneill know each other?

Celtic FC new duo for the eFootball.Pro League take on a challenge to prove they know their teammate well

INDOMINATOR and E_C_Oneill, the new players for Celtic FC at the eFootball.Pro League, played a game that consisted in answering questions about each other to see how much the teammates know each other. The questions were mostly funny, as well as their answers. They were about them as PES players, and general knowledge such as their hobbies, idols, and likes.

E_C_Oneill: Which is the perfect plan for INDOMINATOR: Netflix & chill, or party all night?

E_C_Oneill’s guess: Party, & after, netflix & chill with a girl he takes home.

Correct answer: Netflix & chill.

INDOMINATOR: At what age did E_C_Oneill start playing PES?

INDOMINATOR’s guess: 15 years old.

Correct answer: E_C_Oneill was 7 or 8 years old when he first played PES, with PES’s prequel for Super Nintendo, International Superstar Soccer.

E_C_Oneill: Which year did INDOMINATOR participate at his first PES League?

E_C_Oneill’s guess: 2015, because it was the year the duo met. He remembers that INDOMINATOR made a name for himself that year because he played with Ajax.

Correct answer: 2015.

INDOMINATOR: What superpower would E_C_Oneill choose?

INDOMINATOR’s guess: INDOMINATOR guessed “go back in time” because back in 2017, E_C_Oneill played for the third and fourth place in the PES League semi final. He lost the game and $50,000.

Correct answer: Read minds.

E_C_Oneill: What type of music does INDOMINATOR secretly like?

E_C_Oneill’s guess: Indian music.

Correct answer:  INDOMINATOR said he does not have any secret musical tastes. Also, he is Indonesian, not Indian.

INDOMINATOR: Is E_C_Oneill a dog person or a cat person?

INDOMINATOR’s guess: Dog person.

Correct answer: No animals, because E_C_Oneill is afraid of dogs and he doesn’t like cats, unless it is a tiger.

INDOMINATOR: If E_C_Oneill could resurrect a famous person, who would he choose?

INDOMINATOR’s guess: (Johan) Cruyff, Dutch football player from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

Correct answer: Pop singer from the 80s Michael Jackson, because E_C_Oneill grew up listening to the artist. The Celtic player is a very big fan of him because of his music and his dancing. He thinks that the so-called King of Pop died too young.

E_C_Oneill: Which is the best sports stadium that INDOMINATOR has been?

E_C_Oneill’s guess: Johan Cruyff Arena.

Correct answer: Johan Cruyff Arena, home stadium of the Dutch football club, Ajax Amsterdam.

INDOMINATOR: What is E_C_Oneill’s favorite sport, besides playing PES?

INDOMINATOR’s guess: Football.

Correct answer: Football. E_C_Oneill used to play football, but not anymore. He has a little brother that is a pro footballer for the Dutch second division.