How well do Alex GDR and Aazbabysk know each other?

FC Nantes players Alex GRD and Aazbabysk take on a challenge to prove they know their teammate well

Alex GRD and Aazbabysk, French players for eFootball.Pro League team FC Nantes, played a game to see how much they knew about each other. The questions were about general knowledge of the players such as their tastes in music, food, and their successes in PES.

The challenge began with a question for Aazbabysk about Alex GRD. He was asked: At what age did Alex GRD began playing PES? Aazbabysk's guess was 12, but the correct answer was at age 9. Alex GRD began playing PES 04 right away, so he was nine years old because he was born in 1994.

The next question was for Alex GRD  to answer, which was: what is Aazbabysk's favorite food? Alex GRD guessed that it was kebab, but Aazbabysk told him that the correct answer was fish.

Aazbabysk's next question was: what's been Alex GRD's greatest success with PES? Aazbabysk's guess was being a champion in Junior PES 6. Alex GRD told him that he was close but that the correct answer was being among Top 3 in the European final last year.

In Alex GRD's turn, he guessed that Aazbabysk's favorite football team when he was young was OGC Nice, but the correct answer was AC Milan. Aazbabysk explained that AC Milan was his favorite team during his childhood because they had an awesome team on 2007, when Shevchenko was playing.

The game continued with a question to Aazbabysk:  When is Alex GRD's birthday? Aazbabysk guess that it was in February, but Alex GRD told him that the correct answer was November 23rd.

The next question for Alex GRD was: How many brothers and sisters Aazbabysk has? Alex GRD guessed that Aazbabysk had 3 brothers, but he was surprised when he told him that he had 10 siblings, 5 brothers and 5 sisters.

Alex GRD's  next question was if Aazbabysk has a pre-match ritual, where he answered praying. The player was happy for answering the question correctly for the first time in the challenge.

The last question of the challenge asked what is Aazbabysk's favorite type of music. Alex GRD guessed zouk, but the correct answer was rap.

After the challenge, it was clear that FC Nantes squad don't know each other very well. But they will be more than ready for their next how well do you know each other challenge in a not so far away future!