How to play: Finishings and Shots Edition

Stewart Westley, 'The Wezzatron', shows how to improve the shooting skills and execute different finishings

eFootball.Pro League Pundit and PES pro player Stewart “Wezza” Westley offers a few tricks on how to shoot in varied ways to improve your game in PES2019. He did the Skills Training to showcase the varieties of finishing you can apply. He went on the shooting drill to showcase the different types of shots you can do. Wezza mentioned that you can do long shots, controlled finishes, you can just shoot normally, or you can use manual shooting as well, which gives you a bit more freedom. Wezza uses manual shooting more often than the others because it gives you that level of freedom, and it also gives you a way to shoot.

At the Skills Training, there is a little strip at the bottom that shows you that you have manual shoot on. Wezza suggests that from a distance, you might want to make sure you have enough angle to be able to curve the ball into the corners. After doing this trick, it might be extremely difficult for a goalkeeper to actually save the shoot, as if it would on normal football.