Relive the best moments of Semifinal 2: FC Barcelona vs AS Monaco

FC Barcelona was able to pressure AS Monaco and force a Game 3, but the Monegasque team played an astonishing Game 3 that left Barça stunned

AS Monaco created the first seized opportunity of the day. It started off with a long pass from Usmakabyle, who was at the midfield, to Lotfi, who was quickly approaching the penalty area almost by himself. The ball was perfectly placed in front of Lotfi, who then smashed it into the back of the net when he came close enough to the goalkeeper. Afterwards, they created another opportunity that was rejected by FC Barcelona’s goalkeeper.

The Blaugranas did their part during the 57th minute of Game 1, with a rejected attempt by PaUUU24 right before Alex Alguacil could get ahold of the ball on the right side of the penalty area. Alex Alguacil found an empty space to quickly pass the ball to PaUUU24 across to the middle of the penalty area, who immediately kicked the ball into the back of the net to tie Game 1.

For AS Monaco’s next goal during the 78th minute of the encounter, they relied on the same strategy used for their first goal. A long pass from the midfield to the right side of the penalty area, then, a crossed pass from Lotfi to Usmakabyle to face the goalkeeper, and a perfect finish by Usmakabyle to score his goal after the goalkeeper briefly rejected a first try. At the very end of Game 1, FC Barcelona managed to equalise once again the Game. The Blaugranas struggled a bit with Monaco’s defense but they always found empty spaces to play their game inside the penalty area. At last, PaUUU24 finally found himself facing the goalkeeper to make his attempt. The goalkeeper seemed to touch the ball for a moment, but it was not enough to stop it from being a goal to force extra time in Game 1.

Usmakabyle scored at the beginning of the extra time. The goal that came off a long pass from Lotfi, who was in the middle of Monaco’s offensive side of the field, to Usmakabyle, who was just before the penalty area with all of Barça’s defenders behind him. He faced the goalkeeper by himself and kicked the ball into the net without any problems. AS Monaco secured its victory for Game 1 with another scored at the very end of the extra time. The Monegasque squad was awarded a throw in at the right corner of Monaco’s offensive side. The virtual player threw it right to the penalty area, where Usmakabyle headed it over to Lotfi for him to finish Game 1 with a goal.

During the 14th minute of Game 2, FC Barcelona was awarded a free kick a couple of metres away from their offensive penalty area. The duo made various passes among themselves before PaUUU24 placed the ball in front of Alex Alguacil at the penalty area. Alex Alguacil kept getting closer to Monaco’s goalkeeper until reaching the penalty box and shooting for goal.

Afterwards, AS Monaco and FC Barcelona had very close chances each, before FC Barcelona scored its second goal, which came in during the 71st minute of the encounter. Alex Alguacil approached the left side of the penalty area to pass the ball back to PaUUU24. The duo managed to pass the ball amongst themselves inside the area until PaUUU24 found a chance to smash the ball inside the net and give a clear advantage to FC Barcelona over AS Monaco.

FC Barcelona’s third goal came from a through ball passed from PaUUU24 to Alex Alguacil in the midfield. Alex Alguacil was quicker than the AS Monaco defenders, making it easy for him to face the goalkeeper all by himself and score Barça’s third goal. At the end of Game 1, AS Monaco had a very near chance with a header from Lotfi that hit the upper bar.

At the beginning of Game 3, AS Monaco scored the first goal of the game relying on their strategy of doing a very long pass from midfield to the penalty area, giving no chance to FC Barcelona’s defenders reach the area. Their second goal came in almost immediately after, with two passes across from the right side of the field on to the penalty area to Usmakabyle, who scored the goal with a first-time shot. For their third goal, Usmakabyle received a long pass inside the penalty area and did a pass backwards to Lotfi, who did first-time kick for goal.

The next goal came off from a long pass received by Lotfi, who immediately passed it across to his teammate. With Barça’s defenders behind him, he had no problems facing the goalkeeper to secure Monaco’s fourth goal of the game. The Monegasque team’s fifth goal also came in during the 87th minute, from a long pass to the team’s attacker, controlled by Lotfi, in front of the opponent’s defender. Lotfi and the goalkeeper went face to face before Lotfi detoured the ball away to score the goal. The last goal of the game came from a crossed pass from Lotfi to Usmakabyle, who had no problems in getting closer to the goalkeeper all by himself to score the last goal.