Relive the best moments of Semifinal 1: Celtic FC vs FC Nantes

Celtic FC secured the first spot of the Final in just two games against an FC Nantes that gave it all to force Extra Time and a Penalty Shootout in Game 2

FC Nantes was the first team to alert their opponent with a close opportunity to score a header in the 9th minute of Game 1 (4-1) of Semifinal 1 (2-0). Afterwards, on the 16th minute, E_C_Oneill scored the first goal of the game, with a shot that went over Nantes’ goalkeeper into the net, assisted by INDOMINATOR. Celtic’s next goal was during the 32nd minute, with a first attempt by INDOMINATOR, which was rejected by Nantes’ goalkeeper, and E_C_Oneill quickly snatched the ball from the goalkeeper’s hand and finished it off to score Celtic’s second goal.

Celtic’s third goal of the game came off from a series of quick passes among the duo until E_C_Oneill received it inside the area and opted to shoot from behind the penalty spot to score the third goal of the game and secure a hattrick. But he was not finished yet, since he was able to score a 4th goal during the 72nd minute from two passes that finished in a first-time shot to the back of the net. FC Nantes was able to score a goal  on the 92nd minute of the game, from a failed rejection attempt that ended in Aazbabysk’s virtual player’s head, to his teammate. Two passes later, Alex GRD found himself inside an almost empty penalty area, where he did not waste time in making his kick for goal.

At the start of Game 2, FC Nantes compensated for their setback on Game 1 by scoring the first goal of the game on the 7th minute. Two minutes later, Celtic tied the game with a seized opportunity by E_C_Oneill as soon as he saw the ball away from yellow shirted defenders. It was not long before Celtic scored their next goal, on the 27th minute, from a couple of passes before the penalty area ending with a long pass from E_C_Oneill to INDOMINATOR, who was almost by himself, to score the goal and Celtic FC up in the scoreboard. The Scottish team came close to another opportunity to score during the 32nd minute, but Alex GRD rejected the ball away from the net.

At the 62nd minute of Game 2, FC Nantes player Aazbabysk scored an equaliser to keep the chances of forcing a Game 3 alive. The goal came off a long pass from a couple of metres to the right side of the midfield to Alex GRD, who was at the right corner of the penalty area. He came a bit closer to the goal box to make a pass across to Aazbabysk to score. Celtic scored the next goal from a long pass from the midfield to INDOMINATOR. He made his shot in the back of the net from the penalty spot to put Celtic in advantage 3-2.

It did not take long to FC Nantes to equalise the scoreboard for a second time. The duo made a couple of effective passes inside the crowded penalty area until both of them managed to enclose Celtic’s goalkeeper and Alex GRD made a crossed pass to Aazbabysk for him to yet again equalise Game 2 and force extra time.

During the extra time, FC Nantes was awarded a free kick right just a few metres away from the semicircle of their offensive penalty area. Alex GRD attempted to score, but Celtic’s goalkeeper was effective at guarding the net and prevented the goal. Celtic came close to another opportunity before heading to penalties, but it went to the right side of Nantes’ goalkeeper, awarding him a goal kick. The Game finished with a penalty shootout where FC Nantes failed every attempt. The Hoops just needed three goals to win the shooutout and qualify to the Final.