Relive the best moments of the eFootball.Pro League Final

AS Monaco was very confident since the beginning, making it hard to Celtic FC get through the Final

Celtic FC had a close chance during the 12th minute of Game 1, with a shot from INDOMINATOR inside the penalty area that sent the ball to the stands. On the 32nd minute of the game, AS Monaco was awarded a free kick a couple of metres away from their offensive penalty area. The duo managed it as if it was a long pass from Lotfi, the free kick taker, to Usmakabyle in the penalty area to score the first goal of the Final. Afterwards, the Scottish team came close to a goal opportunity, but AS Monaco’s goalkeeper deflected the ball away.

Right after the kickoff of the second half of Game 1, which was taken by AS Monaco, Usmakabyle did a long pass to Lotfi. Lotfi then made a short pass to Usmakabyle that ended in a shot inside the net. With AS Monaco already up in the scorer by two goals, Celtic FC found their first goal on the 57th minute of the game. INDOMINATOR did a long pass to E_C_Oneill, who kept approaching the goal without any problems to give Celtic its first goal of the Final. But AS Monaco did not lower its guard. They scored another goal during the 76th minute, with a long pass from Usmakabyle to Lotfi at the penalty area who did not hesitate to shoot for goal and win the first game of the Final.

During the 31st minute of Game 2, AS Monaco scored their first goal of Game 2 using the same strategy they had used throughout the eFootball.Pro League Finals: a long pass from the assist provider to the goalscorer inside the penalty area. The author of this goal was Usmakabyle. Right after the kickoff awarded to Celtic after this goal, the Bhoys took advantage and scored a goal of their own. It came after a couple of quick passes until INDOMINATOR tried to shoot for goal, but it hit one of AS Monaco’s defenders and bounced back. E_C_Oneill was able to chase the ball and shoot for goal to equalise the game.

Before the first half of the game was over, Celtic FC was very close to scoring. E_C_Oneill shoot the ball for goal but it hit the right post. During the last minute of Game 2, AS Monaco was awarded a free kick near the penalty area. The ball bounced inside and outside the penalty area until Usmakabyle received it at his feet at the penalty spot. When he made his shot, Celtic’s  goalkeeper rejected the ball and a Celtic defender sent the ball away from the area.

At the beginning of the extra time, Celtic had a close chance for scoring, but AS Monaco’s goalkeeper was effective at guarding the net. At the 95th minute of the encounter, AS Monaco was awarded a free kick near the penalty area. Lotfi shoot for goal and scored the tie-breaker. The player from the Monegasque team was close to scoring again but the ball hit the post.

At the beginning of Game 3, AS Monaco was awarded a penalty kick. The ball hit the right post and then the back of the net. AS Monaco was then awarded another penalty kick. Usmakabyle tried kicked it to kick it to the right side of the goalkeeper, but he missed. AS Monaco’s second goal of Game 3 came off from a through pass from Usmakabyle to Lotfi inside the penalty area that ended in a powerful shot into the net. AS Monaco scored their 3rd and last goal of the final at the 73rd minute of Game 3. It was a powerful kick from Lotfi by the penalty spot that left the goalkeeper stunned on the floor.