These were the highlights of FC Nantes vs FC Barcelona in Matchday 4

FC Barcelona moved on to the Finals while FC Nantes depend on Matchday 5 results to qualify

The first game of the last match of the day featured FC Nantes, who needed nothing but a victory to keep their hopes high to skip the Last Chance Group, and FC Barcelona, who only needed a win or a draw to take a seat in the Finals of the eFootball.Pro League. To their relief, Nantes scored the first goal of the game, but Barça managed to come back with two goals from PaUUU24.

The first goal of Game 1 was scored by FC Nantes. Alex GRD attempted to make a long pass to Aasbabysk, who was approaching the penalty area. The ball’s path was interrupted by a FC Barcelona player, but Aazbabysk managed to snatch the ball back and pass it to Alex GRD. He volleyed the ball from the edge of the penalty area to Aazbabysk, who was facing the goalkeeper, and kicked the ball into the net.

FC Barcelona tied the game almost immediately, with very quick passes from the blaugranas that left almost no possibilities to Nantes to prevent it. Alex Alguacil passed the ball to PaUUU24, who was a couple of metres from the penalty area, and passed it over to his teammate, who was at the middle of the edge of the penalty area. Alex Alguacil instantly passed it over to PaUUU24, putting the ball into the net.

FC Barcelona’s second goal of the game came off from strategic passes from Alex Alguacil and PaUUU24 around the penalty area, which was full of yellow-shirt players. PaUUU24 was at the left side of the penalty area, made a pass to Alex Alguacil, who had to get away from the area to protect the ball. He found PaUUU24’s virtual player near the penalty area semicircle, who passed it to his teammate behind him and passed it back to him. PaUUU24 approached the penalty spot to kick the ball to score the goal.

During the second game of the match, Nantes, again, opened the scoreboard with a goal from Aazbabysk. Even though Barça had already secured a place in the Finals with their Game 1 victory, they did not lower their guard for this next game. The Blaugranas ended Game 2 scoring 3 goals, two from Alex Alguacil and one from the eFootball.Pro League’s top scorer, PaUUU24.

Nantes scored the first goal of Game 2, after taking advantage of an almost empty penalty area. Alex GRD passed the ball to Aazbabysk from the mid field. Aazbabysk kept running towards penalty area, with Barça’s defense trying to reach him. He even had some time left to position himself in a precise angle before the goalkeeper to secure the goal.

FC Barcelona goal to tie the game was successful due to the ball control employed by the players. The Spanish pair made 6 passes near the penalty area before scoring the goal. PaUUU24 received the ball inside the penalty area, perfectly positioned to press the Shoot button, but instead, he opted to pass it to his teammate, across the goal area, to score.

Barça scored two more goals to secure their place in the Finals. One of the plays that led to a goal started with a throw-in from the left side of the field, on to a series of passes while approaching the penalty area. The second goal took a couple of quick passes through open spaces surrounding the penalty area.