Best moments of Boavista FC vs FC Schalke 04, the second match of Matchday 4

The Portuguese team snatched their long-awaited victory with a 2-0

The first game of the match was balanced for both clubs with five goals scored between the two teams. The game ended 3-2, with a goal scored by Boavista at the last minute, giving them the victory, leaving Schalke without any chances to make a comeback.

Boavista FC’s first goal of Game 1 started with a tackle from TioMit to MeroMen, at the left side of the central circle. From there, it only took three quick passes for the Portuguese team along the opponent’s territory for Christopher to face the goalkeeper and score the first goal of the match.

Schalke 04’s first goal came right after Boavista’s. When the referee blowed his whistle for the Germans to do the kickoff, they successfully controlled the ball and kept it away from any chess-printed shirts. They completed a series of passes in opposing territory until reaching the penalty area. EL_Matador passed the ball to MeroMen from right to left, over the players, who then quickly passed over to EL_Matador, who was inside the penalty area facing the goalkeeper to tie the match.

The goal scored by Boavista at the 94th minute of Game 1 is without any doubt the best goal of Matchday 4. TioMit patiently approached the penalty area and passed the ball through the air for his teammate Christopher, who was inside the crowded penalty area. Luckily, Christopher received the ball at the left of the penalty spot, headed the ball for his teammate, who smashed the ball inside the net, giving Boavista the victory.

Schalke 04 started off Game 2 dominating the ball possession as an effort to end the Match with a draw. It was effective at first, with a goal from EL_Matador, but Boavista had a steady purpose to win win Matchday 4. Boavista played a steady and patient game that was key in their Matchday 4 victory.

Schalke 04 scored the first goal of Game 2, with a couple of quick passes among the center while the players were approaching the penalty area. When MeroMen reached the semicircle that marks the penalty area, he volleyed the ball over the penalty area to pass it to EL_Matador, who was perfectly located near the penalty spot waiting to receive the ball to score the goal.

Boavista tied Game 2 with a free kick from the edge of the semicircle of the penalty area. Christopher took the kick, with a volley that went over the blue-shirted defense barrier on to the left of the goalkeeper, hitting the right pole and then into the net.

This goal started off with a goal kick from Boavista received by Christopher at the right side of the field a couple of metres to the left of the midfield. The Portuguese player continued to approach the penalty area, until reaching the bottom right corner of the penalty area to pass the ball to TioMit, who was right at the right side of the goal, through the air. TioMit immediately passed the ball to Christopher, who was facing the goalkeeper, to kick the ball into the net and putting themselves up on the scoreboard.