These were the best moments of AS Monaco vs Celtic FC

Celtic FC won this match 1-0, securing a spot on the Finals of the eFootball.Pro League

The first game of the match was pretty hectic for both teams, because of the close goal chances created by the Monaco pair (5) and the effectivity in Celtic every time they touched the ball. Although Monaco created more chances with the ball than Celtic (2), Game 1 turned out in favor of Celtic. Both teams knew how crucial it was to win this first encounter to start to forge their path for the Finals.

Monaco had two key chances starting at the 27th minute, one immediately after the other, but none ended inside the net. AS Monaco’s first occasion started at midfield, with a pass intended to the Monaco player that was intercepted by E_C_Oneill. Lotfi tackled the player to prevent him from continuing his path so that Usmakabyle could reclaim the ball back. Usmakabyle continued towards the penalty area, where he encountered another Celtic player that tried to take the ball away from the French pair, again. Usmakabyle shot the ball for goal but the Celtic goalkeeper prevented it from entering the net. Immediately after that first attempt, a corner kick was awarded to AS Monaco. Lotfi kicked the ball into the crowded penalty area, landing successfully in Usmakabyle’s virtual player’s feet. He immediately kicked the ball for goal but it hit the crossbar.

Celtic FC’s victory goal came from a corner kick in the 72nd minute. After INDOMINATOR smashed the ball, Monaco’s goalkeeper rejected the ball, but it bounced right in front of E_C_Oneill. He then kicked the ball powerfully from the air, over the crowded penalty area and finally into the net. The Celtic duo burst their excitement as soon as they saw the ball into the net, knowing that their path to the Finals was practically set.

The second game of the match became very crucial for AS Monaco. They increased their pressure drastically, a measure that ended against them because it opened up a lot of spaces for Celtic to play in. AS Monaco ended the game with four shots on target, but only one ended inside the net. Celtic only had two, but it was enough to score their goal.

AS Monaco’s closest chance began at midfield, with a long pass from Usmakabyle to Lotfi. Lotfi’s virtual player continued on the left side of the field until reaching the penalty area, where he and his partner exchanged a series of passes inside the penalty box. Then, Usmakabyle dribbled the ball right in the penalty point and faced Celtic’s goalkeeper, immediately smashing the ball to try to score. Unluckily, the goalkeeper managed to prevent the ball from entering the net by throwing himself to his right and kicking the ball with his left foot.

The first goal of Game 2 started out with a series of passes through open spaces the Celtic players had identified. The Bhoys were slowly getting closer to the penalty area with their tiki taka, until INDOMINATOR received a pass right by the penalty spot and scored his goal.

AS Monaco’s only goal of the match came after Usmakabyle successfully tackled the ball from INDOMINATOR and continued briefly with the ball, and passed it to Lotfi. E_C_Oneill tried to interrupt Lotfi’s path by sliding in front of him, but the ball ended up un Usmakabyle’s virtual player’s feet. It only took one long pass after that to Lotfi, who was inside the penalty area waiting to receive the ball to kick it inside the net.