FC Schalke 04 players answer fans' questions in the eFootball.Pro's Q&A test

GoooL and EL_Matador have fun and answer fan questions about how to become a pro player, training sessions, the league, tactics and more

Schalke 04 players GoooL and EL_Matador answered questions that fans submitted via Twitter. The questions were about them as pro players, their interests, hobbies, views on professional PES, and their gameplay during match days.

There were a couple of fan submitted questions regarding the players' gameplay, specifically about tactics, training, and mental preparation right before a match. About their tactics, EL_Matador said that they preferred to play with their own tactics because they know the structure of their game, and that it is quite difficult to play another formation. In regards to managing difficult moments before a match, GoooL thinks that "there are these moments when you think the game is against you or maybe it's difficult to get into the game, but the most important thing is to stay calm to stay focused" and that "it's not always about skill on the pitch it's always about your mental abilities and when you stay calm and when you keep cool then you can also manage these difficult moments". As for training, GoooL believes that it is like in real life, that the most important thing is to play against other strong opponents, because "when you play against good players, you can try to copy them, you can try to see what they are doing".

Fans were also curious about who are the toughest opponents in the competition for the German duo. They think that "all of them are very good players, but depending in the last results of the lasts competitions, Ettorito and Luca are the bests".

There were also several questions about the players' interests and pastimes, such as how long they have been playing together. The players responded "15 years, since PES 2004. When you play such a long time together, I think you have a very good chemistry...". They also said that if they could play with a real football player,  EL_Matador would choose Ronaldinho or Adriano, and GoooL would prefer Zidane. Fans also asked if they were real Schalke 04 fans and if they have ever been to the Veltins Arena on a match day. Their answer was: "Yes, we live not far away from Schalke, so we both are fans of this club … we've been a couple of times and watched some nice games on the beautiful stadium". There was also a question for EL_Matador, asking how many hours does he goes to the gym per week. His answer was: "I try to hit the gym as often as I can but yeah, last time I missed a few gym sessions. But I try to go 5 hours a week, so it's five days a week with 3 body splits".

Watch the video above to get to know the players beyond the pitch! Stay tuned for our next Q&A so you can submit your own questions to eFootball.Pro League players.