eFootball.Pro League Finals Preview with our experts

Analysis of the Last Chance Group, Semifinal, and Final preceding the League’s decisive stage that will crown the first champion of the tournament

Matchday 5 marked the ending of the eFootball.Pro Regular League. At the end of the three matches played on April 13th, the Last Chance Group was made up, as well as the teams that qualified for the Finals directly. The Last Chance Group will have FC Nantes, Boavista FC and FC Schalke 04, and will be played on Saturday, May 18th, starting at 12:00 CEST, but it will not be broadcasted. The Finals will have the winner of the Last Chance Group, Celtic FC, FC Barcelona, and AS Monaco facing each other on Sunday, May 19th, with the first match staring at 12:00 CEST.

The matches of the Last Chance Group that will take place on Saturday, May 18th are FC Nantes vs Schalke 04 (12:00 CEST), Boavista FC vs FC Nantes (12:50 CEST), and Schalke 04 vs Boavista FC (13:40 CEST). FC Nantes is the best qualified team of the Last Chance Group by finishing in 4th place of the eFootball.Pro League table. In their previous encounters against Schalke 04 and Boavista FC, they earned a draw (1-1), and a victory (1-0), respectively. For the team in 5th place, Boavista FC, their previous results against their opponents were a victory against FC Schalke 04 (2-0), and a defeat against FC Nantes (1-0). Schalke 04 earned a draw (1-1) vs FC Nantes, and a defeat against Boavista FC (2-0). The winner of the Last Chance Group at the end of all of the matches will head over to the Semifinal. Be sure to go online on our official Twitter account, where we will announce the winner of the Last Chance Group, since these matches will not be broadcasted.

The Finals will be on Sunday, May 19th, starting at 12:00 CEST with the matches of the Semifinal. The first match of this stage will have Celtic FC vs the winner of the Last Chance Group, followed by FC Barcelona vs AS Monaco (13:00-13:20 CEST). The winners of these two matches will qualify to the Final, which will start at 14:00-14:40 CEST. The Final is expected to start between 14:00 and 15:00 CEST, and it will have the winners of Semifinal 1 and 2. Celtic FC finished as the best team of the season in 1st place of the eFootball.Pro League table and qualified for the Finals on Matchday 4. FC Barcelona finished the Regular League in 2nd place and qualified for the Finals on Matchday 4 by being able to overcome a couple of setbacks along the way. AS Monaco managed to qualify to the Final by finishing in 3rd place with just one victory, three draws, and one defeat throughout the season. The Semifinal match between AS Monaco and FC Barcelona will be very thrilling since they played against each other on Matchday 5 (1-1) in a Match that was filled with many goals and emotions.

The winner of the Final will be crowned Champion of the eFootball.Pro League and the club will receive a trophy. Also, the MVP of the Season will be awarded (click here to view the rules on how can a player win the MVP of the Season Award), along with the top goalscorer and top assist provider of the League. (Click on the keywords to view stats and rules to win the awards). The last two days of the first eFootball.Pro League first season will, without a doubt, be full of surprises, emotions, and exciting matches. Be sure to tune in on Sunday, May 19th to any of our official channels!