FC Nantes’ journey on the eFootball.Pro League

The French team’s players overturned what has happened during the season with a victory on Matchday 5 to snatch the 4th place on the table

FC Nantes struggled at the bottom of the table during the beginning of the season, but they managed to finish the season in fourth place with a victory on the last Matchday. They finished their performance in the Regular League with one win, two draws, and two loses. They are known to be one of the toughest teams to face at the eFootball.Pro League, as stated by players Alex Alguacil and PaUUU24.

The green and yellow team is the third team has than done the most shots at the eFootball.Pro Regular season (50), behind Celtic FC (54), and AS Monaco (68). Aazbabysk is in second place for the player that has intercepted the most passes (77), with just two interceptions behind Alex Alguacil (79) since Matchday 3. Alex GRD is the second player with the most assists done (9), tied with Usmakabyle, also since Matchday 3.

FC Nantes’ path through the season started with a defeat against Celtic FC (0-2), that had an intense Game 1 (2-3) where Aazbabysk was able to equalise the Bhoys with two goals, but Celtic retook the lead. On Matchday 2 (1-1), they were able to put up with AS Monaco’s pressure by taking Game 1 (2-1) for themselves, but failed to do the same on Game 2, where Aazbabysk scored a lone goal in the 87th minute of the encounter when AS Monaco was already up by 2 goals.

The Canaries scored another draw on Matchday 3 against Schalke 04 by losing Game 1 (1-0), and winning Game 2 with a demolishing 3-5 thanks to a hat trick by Aazbabysk. On Matchday 4, Aazbabysk and Alex GRD suffered a bit in their defeat against FC Barcelona (0-2). It seemed that they had things under control, since they were the ones that scored the first goal of each game, but Barcelona was able to respond. On Matchday 5 (1-0), they scored their first and only victory in the Regular League against Boavista FC, by drawing in Game 1 (1-1), and finally dominating Game 2 (4-2) with a hat trick from Alex GRD.

Although FC Nantes is in the Last Chance Group, they can still qualify to the Semifinal by doing an exceptional performance in their two matches against Schalke 04 and Boavista FC. If they succeed to move on to the next round, they will face Celtic FC in the Semifinal.