FC Nantes' Aazbabysk and Alex GRD answer fans' questions in the eFootball.Pro League's Q&A

The French players give details about their favourite PES editions, how they train, how they became professionals and many more

FC Nantes players Aazbabysk & Alex GRD answer a variety of questions submitted by eFootball.Pro fans via Twitter. The questions were about them as pro players, how they became pros and their experience during the eFootball.Pro League. Keep reading to see if your question made it to the Q&A session:

Which was you first console?

Aazbabysk: My first console was a “Nintendo 64” back when “Mario Bros” and “Dragon Ball Z” were a thing. I played a lot before; I think it was one of the best consoles ever.

Alex GRD: For me, it was PlayStation 1, so the very first PES 1.

Which was your favorite PES edition? Which team did you like in that edition?

Aazbabysk: For me, the best PES was the PES2015 with Bayern Munich and Robben when he was kicking all those wraparounds. For me that was the best PES, PES2015.

Alex GRD: For me, it was PES 6. I think everyone thought it was the best. I was really into Adriano and Ibra [Ibrahimović]. I was young before, but I think it’s the best PES. Which team did I like in that edition? Inter [Milan], of course, with Adriano and Ibra. They were awesome!

How do you combine your job, that means training, travel, competition… with your parents, friends and family?

Alex GRD: During the week it’s easy. We train a lot. But, then when we’ve got matches, my weekends are full. We just play, play, play. But then, over the course of a year, it’s really not all that much. We’ve got a lot of weekends to go out, see our friends and have some fun.

Aazbabysk: It’s a bit difficult with PES League, it was like a month and a half. So, you can’t go out every weekend, but there will be plenty of time to go out and do whatever, so it’s all good!

Which has been your best moment in eFootball.Pro League?

Aazbabysk: Up until now, the best has been the match against AS Monaco, I think. It was a draw and we got one point. It was actually a great match.

Alex GRD: We really played a good match.

Aazbabysk: It’s up to us now. There are still three matches left to play. We’ll see how it goes.

Alex GRD: And then there was the presentation because we were able to see Gerard Pique and Shakira. It was awesome!

Aazbabysk: You were really into Shakira!

Alex GRD: You’re the one with a photo with her!

How do you guys feel while playing during a match?

Alex GRD: Stressed! Very stressed! No, I’m kidding!

Aazbabysk: No, you’re actually calm. Relaxed! He’s one of the calmest players I know… very calm!

Alex GRD: Oh, thanks! Really relaxed. It’s about getting into the competition, preparing before and while playing as if you’re in a living room and there’s no pressure as far as what people might say...

Aazbabysk: The most important thing is not to get stressed out; if stress out, you’re done. In fact, there are only good players. There are six teams and only good players. The most important part is the mental game.

Alex GRD: It’s all in the mind!

Aazbabysk: In fact, as far as the game, everyone knows how to play.

Do you have any rituals pre-match?

Aazbabysk: He (Alex GRD) dances before his matches.

Alex GRD: He takes revenge for the last one. (They laugh) I don’t dance! Rituals… I know Azzedine (Aazbabysk) prays. For me, it’s before my matches. I try to eat well. I try to follow the same diet as my friend Lotfi Derradji. He’s got a good diet, a really good diet. It’s actually what makes him win!

Alex (GRD), what’s the name of your 15-year-old brother?

Alex GRD: My 15-year-old brother’s name is Lorenzo. He plays “Fortnite” a lot. He doesn’t play PES, just “Fortnite”.

How did you become pro players?

Aazbabysk: Well, I think with our performance.

Alex GRD: Yes, I think it’s all about performance and then it’s important to be active in Twitter and social media to become famous. And it’s all thanks to our excellent manager, Adrien Viaud, who recruited us. And then, you have to continue to get better if you want to continue to be a  pro player. There’s no secret. You train and you train some more. We still want to improve.