eFootball.Pro presents league format

The eFootball.Pro League will last from December 2018 to May 2019 and will have 6 top European clubs

The eFootball.Pro League was presented on November 25th at Highvideo Studios, the venue that will receive some of the season matches. The competition, that begins on December 2nd, will have six European teams: FC Barcelona, FC Schalke 04, AS Monaco, Celtic FC, Boavista FC and FC Nantes.

The eFootball.Pro League will be played with the video game PES 2019 (Pro Evolution Soccer 2019), published by the digital entertainment company KONAMI. The league will take place from December 2018 to May 2019, being played on Saturdays or Sundays, and will have 3 stages: the Regular Season, the Last Chance Group and the Finals.

The Regular Season will go from December to April and will have five matchdays. After that, the best three teams will advance directly to the Finals, and the last three teams will go to the Last Chance Group. The Last Chance Group will in May, and the winner will also qualify for the Finals. The Finals will be played also in May and will consist of Semifinals and Final.

Bo2 format for the Regular League

Regular League and Last Chance Group matches will be Best of Two (Bo2). In each match, teams will play two Pro Evolution Soccer games. If one team wins both games, it will win the full match and will be awarded three points. Also, if a team wins one game and there is a draw in the other, the team that won the game will win the match and get three points. On the other hand, if each team wins one game of the match, or if they draw both games, the match will end in a draw and both will receive one point. These points add up in order to set the Regular League table positions, as well as the Last Chance Group winner. Semifinals will be Best of Three (Bo3) and the Final will be Best of Five (Bo5).

The first matches to be played on December 2nd are: FC Barcelona against Boavista FC, AS Monaco against FC Schalke 04 and FC Nantes against Celtic FC. The streaming will begin at 16:00h CET.