E_C_Oneill wins MVP for Matchday 4

His performance included a goal, several shots on target, and many key plays

Celtic FC player E_C_Oneill wins MVP of Matchday 4, after leading the Twitter poll over the MVPs of Matches 2 & 3, TioMit and PaUUU24 respectively. The Dutch champion and PES League finalist in 2017 was chosen MVP of Match 1 by Matchday 4 pundit Stewart “Wezza” Westley. Without any doubt, E_C_Oneill’s performance was key to successfully achieve a spot in the eFootball.Pro League Finals to be held in May. Here are the Dutch player’s key moments, explained:

1. E_C_Oneill’s first key moment came at the 32nd minute of Game 1. He successfully tackled an AS Monaco player as he was approaching the penalty area.

2. On the 58th minute, he managed to receive and control a goal kick intended for AS Monaco, a couple of metres to the left of the midfield. That action ended in a close goal opportunity.

3. During the 68th minute, in a close goal chance for AS Monaco, E_C_Oneill defended Celtic’s net as the goalkeeper. He successfully rejected AS Monaco’s shot.

4. At the 72nd minute, Celtic was conceded a corner shot. AS Monaco’s goalkeeper rejected the ball from the left side of the inner quadrilateral within the penalty area. But the ball bounced right at E_C_Oneill’s feet, who instantly smashed it into the net, scoring Celtic’s first goal of the game.

5. AS Monaco’s goalkeeper kicked the ball away from the goal, but E_C_Oneill managed to receive and control the ball with his head, passing it to INDOMINATOR, who passed it back to the MVP. Afterwards, E_C_Oneill achieved a very long pass from the right side of the midfield to several metres before the penalty area to his teammate, who created a goal opportunity, but it ended in the goalkeeper’s hand.

6. The first chance created by the Bhoys on Game 2 was very well fought. Celtic FC was playing their offensive game in the left side of the field, but the players were pressured by white and red shirted players, who were desperate to snatch the ball. When Celtic FC was close enough to the penalty area, INDOMINATOR managed to find E_C_Oneill surrounded by AS Monaco players in the penalty area semicircle. He then immediately passed it to INDOMINATOR, who found an almost empty space inside the penalty area. He made his shot to the net, but the AS Monaco goalkeeper prevented the goal.

7. This play started out with a series of passes through open spaces the Celtic players had identified. The Bhoys were slowly getting closer to the penalty area with their tiki taka, until INDOMINATOR received a pass right by the penalty spot and scored his goal. This was the second best goal of Matchday.

8. This goal chance started off with a long pass from INDOMINATOR, who was a little to the right of the midfield semicircle. He kicked the ball more into their offensive area, which was empty at the moment. E_C_Oneill raced towards it and reached it before any of the AS Monaco defenders did inside the penalty area. He quickly passed it to INDOMINATOR, who was facing the goalkeeper. He tried to smash the ball into the net, but AS Monaco’s goalkeeper rejected the ball.