Celtic FC’s road to the eFootball.Pro Regular League Championship

The teams’ progress throughout the league has been consistent, always among the first and second place of the table

Celtic FC is a team that has marked its territory among the eFootball.Pro League best teams since the beginning of the season. Its players have been performing at the expected level, evidenced with them being the team with most wins and with the most clean sheets in the eFootball.Pro Regular League. The Scottish team finished at the top of the table after having surpassed a few obstacles along the course of the season, and will face the winner of the Last Chance Group in the Semifinals.

stats CEL

At the beginning of the season, players ETTORITO97 and Ildistruttore-44 represented the Scottish team. Even though the pair only played the first two Matchdays, it was more than enough for ETTORITO97 to stand out and win 2 match MVPs and be the top goal scorer with 8 goals in just two matches. The Italian players also led Celtic FC to the top of the table by winning on Matchday 1 and 2 against FC Nantes and Boavista FC, respectively.

From the third Matchday onwards, E_C_Oneill and INDOMINATOR represented Celtic FC, replacing ETTORITO97 and Ildistruttore-44. After having dominated practically the whole competition, Celtic FC suffered their first loss of the season on this Matchday, against FC Barcelona, and dropped to second place in the eFootball.Pro League table. But this loss was only a bump in the road, since they won their two remaining games and finished the eFootball.Pro Regular League on first place.

On Matchday 4, the Bhoys gave an outstanding and energetic performance against AS Monaco. They showed great improvement since Matchday 3 and took home a match MVP for E_C_Oneill. At the end of this Matchday, Celtic FC was qualified for the Finals of the eFootball.Pro League. On Matchday 5, the team clinched another victory and regained the first place of the eFootball.Pro League table after FC Barcelona’s draw with AS Monaco.