Boavista FC’s obstacle race through the eFootball.Pro League

The Portuguese team was able to surprise in the most unexpected moments during the Regular League

Boavista FC has been able to overcome its defeats and rely on small details to play their best game possible. They started off the eFootball.Pro Regular League at 5th place, then, they were on 6th on Matchdays 2 & 3, until achieving a victory on Matchday 4 that bumped them to 4th place, right at the border line between the Last Chance Group and the teams directly qualified for the Finals. On Matchday 5, even though they fought until the very end, they lost 1-0 against Nantes, ending in 5th place of the eFootball.Pro League table.

On Matchday 1 against FC Barcelona, Boavista managed to tie Game 1 (1-1) with a goal from TioMit during the 93rd minute and an equalizer from PaUUU24 at the last minute of the Game. On Game 2 (1-0), they were not able to overcome Barça’s only goal. On Matchday 2 (1-0), they lost Game 1 (5-1) against ETTORITO97 and Ildistruttore-44’s Celtic FC. On Game 2 (1-1), Christopher was able to equalize at the beginning of the second half after ETTORITO97 scored an early goal.

Things got a little bit better for the chequered team on Matchday 3 (1-1), by achieving a draw against one of the eFootball.Pro League’s toughest rivals: AS Monaco, and therefore, winning their first point of the season for the table. Boavista conquered a victory on Game 1 (3-2) after a very close and intense encounter, having scored their third goal of the game at the 92nd minute. On Game 2 (1-6), AS Monaco doubled their pressure against the Portuguese team, leaving them practically without options.

On Matchday 4 (2-0), Boavista FC was finally able to score their first victory of the season against Schalke 04. They snatched the victory of Game 1 (3-2) on the 95th minute, with a goal from TioMit. On Game 2 (2-1), El_Matador opened the scoreboard but Boavista was able to win the game with two goals from Christopher. On the last Matchday of the season, they lost (1-0) against Nantes, after scoring a draw in Game 1 (1-1), and losing Game 2 (4-2).

Boavista FC has proven to be one of the teams that react in the best way during high pressure moments. This is evidenced with the winning goals they have scored after the 90th minute of Game 1 on Matchday 3 and 4. They should take this ability of being able to keep their heads cool to their advantage when facing Schalke 04 and FC Nantes on the Last Chance Group this next May 18th. If they succeed to move on to the next round, they will face Celtic FC in the Semifinal.