AS Monaco’s trace on the eFootball.Pro League

The Monegasque team is fully equipped with players that can take on any team

AS Monaco is a team that has not been easy to face since the beginning. They have managed to stay among the second and third place of the eFootball.Pro League table with just one win, three draws, and one defeat, and also qualify for the Finals. Also, Monaco is the team that has done the most shots (68) and the second team that has scored the most goals (20) in the eFootball.Pro Regular League.

On an individual level, AS Monaco players have presence in some of the stats. Lotfi is the second player that has scored the most goals (11), behind PaUUU24. Usmakabyle is the player with the most Matchday MVPs (2) and the player that has done the most shots (25). Usmakabyle is tied with PaUUU24 as the players that have done the most shots on target (18) since Matchday 3.

All of these stats prove that AS Monaco is one of the hardest teams to beat on the eFootball.Pro League. Even other teams recognise that AS Monaco might be the most difficult team to play against with, as stated by Celtic FC player E_C_Oneill: “They are very strong and they create lots of chances… To be honest I think I don’t want to face Monaco until the Finals”.

AS Monaco scored their only victory of the season on Matchday 1, against Schalke 04 (1-0), with a draw on Game 1 (2-2), and a victory for the Monegasque team on Game 2 (2-1). They earned their first draw on Matchday 2, against FC Nantes, with a victory for each in both games (2-1, 1-2). Matchday 3 against Boavista FC was also a draw: Boavista won Game 1 (3-2) and AS Monaco won Game 2 (1-6).

 AS Monaco suffered their first defeat of the season on Matchday 4, against Celtic FC. Celtic won Game 1 (0-1), and Game 2 ended with a draw (1-1), but since only victories award points to the teams, ASM went back home without any points for the first time in the season. The last Matchday of the season, against FC Barcelona, offered dominant victories for each: Game 1 (1-4), Game 2 (4-0). In fact, these two teams will face each other on the semifinal in a match that is expected to be battled.