Alex GRD’s Tips & Tricks to train better on PES skills

The French player for FC Nantes offers his advice to help you improve your training techniques on PES

One way to improve your training skills as a PES player is getting to know how the pros train, and apply their routines to yours. Alex GRD, FC Nantes player from France, has some tips and tricks to those of you who want to seek training advice to improve their abilities in PES. Apply these tips and tricks to your training routine to help you become strong like Alex GRD:

Tip #1 - Play with the training menu
Go to the PES menu and play around a lot with the training menu. Test all types of kicks that can be done, try to find touches. Try out everything and you’ll see how the game is full of secrets.

Tip #2 - Play a lot online, especially against great players
Play against pro players like Usmakabyle, Lotfi, Kams, which are some of the big French players. Also against players like Ettorito, if you got the chance. Alex GRD believes that practicing against pro players will really help you get better.

Tip #3 - Save the matches you've played to train and watch them
Alex GRD’s third tip is to save those matches and take a look at them later to see how the great players actually play. Observe their gestures and imitate them, see how they’ve done it and which touches they use to execute their game.

Tip #4 - Concentrate before the tournaments
Alex GRD strongly advices to really concentrate before tournaments, eat well, and follow a healthy diet. It’s important to have a strong and healthy mind because PES is 80% mind, your skills come after that.

Tip #5 - Try to find your own tactics
Try to create your own gaming style and train with your own tactics very often. Routine is everything in PES. It’s easier to handle your gaming style, have a clear game plan, and score goals.

Tip #5 - Play a lot against the CPU
You really learn a lot when you play offline against the CPU so you can see how the computer moves. Obviously, it’s not human but it helps you with the matches. What’s important with PES is to be able to handle big moments and the script. When you’re up against the CPU, you’ll see what type of passes work well when the handicap is against you or with you, and so on.