eFootball.Pro League players are eager and excited for the Finals!

The players encourage everyone to tune in this Sunday, May 19th to watch the Finals

With the eFootball.Pro League Finals just a few days away, emotions and nerves begin to hoard everyone. Especially the eFootball.Pro League players, who sent a very special message via Twitter exhorting everyone to watch the eFootball.Pro League Finals.

The video features almost every player that has played in the eFootball.Pro League saying a short message inviting everyone to watch the Finals this Sunday. Each one recorded their message in their own way. For example, E_C_Oneill showed a picture of himself hung on the wall from the time he played the PES League World Finals 2017 at Anfield. Alex Alguacil and PaUUU24 recorded their message in the street and INDOMINATOR did his in a car.

Usmakabyle specifically promoted the Semifinal between his team, AS Monaco, and FC Barcelona and had a special supporter appear beside him: his dog with an AS Monaco shirt on! Aazbabysk mentioned that his team, FC Nantes, will face Boavista FC and Schalke 04 to see who will snatch the final spot on the Semifinal, which will be played against Celtic FC. Christopher did his selfie video in front of a wall filled with trophies and ID cards from previous tournaments he has participated.

Lotfi mentioned that the event will be amazing and assured that AS Monaco is ready. TioMit told the fans to not forget to watch the Finals. MeroMen said that he and his teammates are sure that they will give their best in the Last Chance Group. Finally, the video ends with Alex GRD saying that he will play with his teammate Aazbabysk and guaranteed that the Finals will be an amazing show.