Players’ impressions on eFootball PES 2020

KONAMI released the game demo on July 30th and professionals have already tried it

KONAMI made available the Demo version of eFootball PES 2020 on July 30th, and both fans and professional players were able to play it and discover some of the new features of the video game. This initial edition that can be downloaded for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC includes, among others, this season’s licensed clubs Juventus, FC Bayern München and Manchester United FC.

Some of the most talked-about features of the Demo are the Edit Mode for PS4 and PC, that allows customisation options that are not usual in these initial versions, as well as the new camera's angles and functioning. eFootball.Pro League players also gave their opinion on the 2020 video game.

AS Monaco’s Lotfi, Usmakabyle and RedMamba were some of the first saying that they were playing the Demo as soon as it was released. Celtic FC’s INDOMINATOR also tested the game and expressed his enthusiasm on Twitter:

Besides, he observes that “the gameplay is slower and this makes the game more realistic and enjoyable”, being more suitable for players that enjoy real football. He considers that “defending is more manual than before”, and that this can show the level difference between amateur and professional players.

INDOMINATOR: "The gameplay is slower and this makes the game more realistic and enjoyable, specially for those who enjoy real football."

GoooL, FC Schalke 04 player, also shared his thoughts with eFootball.Pro. He had played an earlier version and stresses the improvements that the Demo features. He has good words towards the game only: “I really, really love the game. I think it’s a brilliant masterpiece. I have no time to lose, I have to play now”.

In addition to this, Celtic FC player E_C_Oneill, FC Barcelona's Alex Alguacil and Boavista FC's Christopher shared 2019 PES League S1 European runner-up S-Venom’s take, showing his admiration for the gameplay and highlighting the need to be able to train for the eFootball.Pro League using stat-balanced teams, like in the competition.