eFootball.Pro players get ready for the beginning of the new season

During November, some players showed through social media how they prepare the second season of eFootball.Pro and some other left their clubs

The second season of eFootball.Pro is about to start and players are getting ready for the competition. Back in August, we took a look at player’s posts on social media and we learn about renewals, summer tournaments and some withdrawals. After a few months, we revised them again and this is what we found.

Dutch player E_C_Oneill announced on November 18th that he was leaving Celtic FC. The player, that debuted in eFootball.Pro on Matchday 3 of the 2018-19 season, showed his gratitude to the Scottish club for having allowed him to play as a professional.

Another player that announced the end of his contract with the club he represented last season is Bounti27. The Frenchman let his followers know on November 19th that he wasn’t going to play again for Boavista FC. Bounti27 tweeted about his future: “After being the French S1 PES2019 champion, I hope to continue the eFootball.Pro adventure”.

Alex Alguacil and PaUUU24
FC Barcelona announced on November 20th that Alex Alguacil won’t be playing in the blaugrana squad this season.

Despite that, the player from Granada had also good news this month: he played the first qualifier to represent Spain in the eEURO2020 and advanced to the final stage of the selection process. 

On the other hand, Pau ‘PaUUU24’ Lara, who also represented FC Barcelona on the 2018-19 eFootball.Pro League reaching semifinals, changed his Twitter’s biography info. Now he appears as ‘Free Agent’, what means that his relationship with Barça came to an end too.

EL_Matador, GoooL and MeroMen
FC Schalke 04 announced the renewal of their contracts in August and EL_Matador, GoooL and MeroMen have been preparing the season since then. Additionally, on November 19th, they took part in a “bootcamp” organised by the German Football Federation (DFB) in order to train for the upcoming eEURO2020.

One of the most active players during this preseason has been Christopher. He will be at the World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) of this season after qualifying in the Portuguese XL Games World and, back in October, he teamed up with E_C_Oneill in the Thai GSB eCup. They reached the final in that competition, in which Celtic FC’s INDOMINATOR also took part.

Lotfi and Usmakabyle
On October 23rd, AS Monaco renew the contracts of Lotfi and Usmakabyle for two more seasons.

Both players have had a very busy schedule, including interviews, signing sessions and activities with AS Monaco’s football first team players. But among all of them, one of the most special moments of this preseason has been their ceremonial kick-off at Stade Louis II, when they were the guests of honour of the Ligue 1 match between the Monegasque team and Stade Brestois 29.

New players
Just two days before making public the end of Alex Alguacil’s contract, FC Barcelona announced the addition of Saúl ‘The Palma’ Chávez to its PES team on November 18th. Saúl arrives to the club after a successful season in PES League, where he reached the 1v1 World Finals. 

Another club that reinforces its squad is AS Monaco, that signed the young French player Kilyan ‘Kilzyou’ Faucheux. Kilzyou played also PES League World Finals this year, but in CO-OP mode.