Lotfi is the top goalscorer of the season

The AS Monaco player finished with 20 goals scored throughout the Matchdays and Finals

Lotfi ended his eFootball.Pro League season as the player that scored the most goals in all of the league. He scored a total of 20 goals during the season, with his first goal scored during Game 1 of Matchday 1. He earned one Match MVP on Matchday 2 and won the Matchday MVP of the same Matchday.

His performance helped AS Monaco reach the Final of the competition and add a total of 8 goals for the club during the Finals, including a hat trick. His teammate Usmakabyle assisted most of his goals, having made 17 assists during the season. Other contenders for this award were PaUUU24, who scored 18 goals during the season, and Usmakabyle with 18 goals too.

Being the Champion of the eFootball.Pro League and tbeng the top gooalscorer of the league are the most recent of many achievements the youngest player in the eFootball.Pro League has earned as a pro PES player. He was among the top three players of France in 2016, quarterfinalist in the PES League World Finals 2017. He also won the  Americas Round and Europe Regional Finals in 2018, and was a semifinalist of PES League in CO-OP mode with AS Monaco teammate RedMamba in the same year.