eFootball.Pro League players have presence at the PES League Season 2 EU Regional Final

Usmakabyle won the Finals against Christopher, they will both represent Europe at the World Finals this summer

Eleven players from all six teams of the eFootball.Pro League participated on the PES League Season 2 European Regional Finals at Porto, Portugal during April 26th and 27th, 2019. Competing for the 1v1 category were: GoooL, MeroMen, and EL_Matador from Schalke 04, Christopher from Boavista FC, Usmakabyle, Lotfi and RedMamba from AS Monaco, INDOMINATOR from Celtic FC and Alex Alguacil from FC Barcelona.  In CO-OP mode, Celtic FC players INDOMINATOR and E_C_Oneill played for Team UI; Alex GRD, from Nantes FC, participated alongside his brother for team NanteseSportGRDbros, and AS Monaco duo Usmakabyle and Lotfi played for team AS Monaco Esport.
©KONAMI / MeroMen, Schalke 04 player, competing at the PES League Season 2 European Regional Final at Porto, Portugal.
©KONAMI / FC Barcelona player Alex Alguacil at the PES League Season 2 European Regional Final at Porto, Portugal. He reached the semifinals of the tournament, where he lost against Usmakabyle.
The players who qualified for the Quarterfinals of the knockout stage were: Christopher, Alex Alguacil, Usmakabyle, and Lotfi. These last two, who are teammates in both PES League and eFootball.Pro League, played this stage against each other. Usmakabyle won 5-3 against Lotfi, Christopher won against his opponent 1-0, and Alex Alguacil won his match 4-2. For the Semifinals, Usmakabyle and Alex Alguacil faced each other, and Christopher played against UK’s Ostrybuch. Usmakabyle won against the FC Barcelona player 2-1, and Christopher won his game 3-1.
©KONAMI / PES League Season 2 European Regional Final Champion Usmakabyle, AS Monaco player. He faced FC Barcelona's Alex Alguacil in the semifinals, and won the final against Boavista FC's Christopher in the penalty shootout.
For the Final, Usmakabyle and Christopher faced each other to crown the new European Champion. When the final whistle blew to end regulation time, the match was tied 4-4. At the end of the extra time the game was still tied, so the penalty shootout decided the players’ fate. It was Usmakabyle who won the European Final. Even though the French player was the winner, both him and Christopher will represent Europe in the World Finals this summer.

In CO-OP Mode, AS Monaco Esports finished in third place of the table, with 2 matches won, 3 draws, 0 defeats, and 9 points. NanteseSportGRDbros finished on 4th place with 2 victories, 2 draws, 1 defeat, and 8 points. Finally, team UI featuring E_C_Oneill, INDOMINATOR and his brother couldn't qualify for the final either, with 2 victories, 1 draw and 2 defeats.

©KONAMI / Celtic FC players INDOMINATOR (center) and E_C_Oneill (left) playing in CO-OP mode for Team UI.