How eFootball.Pro League players are performing in other competitions

Several players are also participating in different PES League stages and in the World Electronic Sports Games

In addition to playing in the eFootball.Pro League, the players participate in other official tournaments throughout the year. Precisely those additional experiences have made them perfectly fit for the eFootball.Pro League. Many of the players have won great achievements that have made the well known PES pro players around the world.  Here’s how they have been performing:

World Electronic Sports Games PES2019
World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) is an international esports tournament by Alisports, from Alibaba, held in China since 2016. The tournament not only hosts PES matches, but also competitions from other video games such as Starcraft, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, among others as well. Celtic FC player INDOMINATOR is serving as commentator for the PES division of this Asian tournament, while Aazbabysk, player for FC Nantes, ended the tournament in third place of his Group.

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©Aazbabysk / FC Nantes' player Aazbabysk (left) in the WESG tournament in China.

indo wesg

©INDOMINATOR / Celtic FC's player INDOMINATOR (right) commenting the WESG tournament from Kyev, Ukraine.

 Former Celtic FC player ETTORITO97 won the tournament final against player Alemao_pesbr. The match ended 2-0.

PES League 2019 CO-OP Online Championship
PES League 2019 CO-OP Online Championship is a CO-OP stage of the KONAMI competition PES League. Alex GRD, player for the eFootball.Pro League team FC Nantes, qualified for the European Regional Finals alongside his brother, Max. Also, The Demolition Machine team, which had the participation of E_C_Oneill and INDOMINATOR, both from Celtic FC, are also qualified for the next stage of the tournament. In addition, Lotfi, Usmakabyle and RedMamba, the actual roster for AS Monaco in the eFootball.Pro League, is also qualified for the European Regional Finals.

PES League 2019 National Finals Season 2
PES League 2019 National Finals Season 2 was a 1v1 stage of the KONAMI competition PES League that had a series of online events determined by a tournament tree elimination, with the winner gaining a place in the European Regional Finals in April 2019. The competition had a great presence from eFootball.Pro League players among the finalists by country. Each country has its own knockout stage, starting at Last 16, up until the Final. MeroMen, Schalke 04 player, was one of the Xbox winners. Among the PS4 winners of the tournament are: EL_Matador representing Germany; Alex Alguacil, Spain; Lotfi and Usmakabyle, France; and Christopher representing Portugal. The winners will face each other at the European Regional Finals, which are set to be played 26th and 27th April in Porto, Portugal. This tournament will crown the best PES2019 player of Europe. The winners of the European Region will qualify directly for World Finals set to be played in Summer 2019.

PES League 2019 Europe Round Season 1
PES League 2019 Europe Round Season 1 was a stage of the KONAMI competition PES League with categories 1v1 and CO-OP. In the CO-OP division of the tournament there was presence of players from the eFootball.Pro League in three of the four groups that played the group stage. The team Broken Silence had Alex Alguacil from FC Barcelona and AS Monaco Esports had Lotfi, Usmakabyle and RedMamba, which is the actual roster for AS Monaco in the eFootball.Pro League. Also, The Demolition Machine had the participation of E_C_Oneill and INDOMINATOR, both from Celtic FC, on their team. The final ended 5-1, with runner up  AS Monaco Esports, and Broken Silence as the champion team. Since the CO-OP team winner is directly qualified for the World Finals this summer, Alex Alguacil from Barça will participate representing Broken Silence.

Coop Alex Algucil 2 news

©KONAMI / FC Barcelona's player Alex Alguacil competing with Broken Silence in the PES League Europe Regional Finals S1 back in December. 

Coop AS Monaco 2 news

©KONAMI / AS Monaco's player Lotfi during the PES League Europe Regional Finals S1 in Liverpool, UK. AS Monaco Esports team is also qualified for Season 2.

 The 1v1 division of the PES League 2019 Europe Round consisted in four groups of four players each competing individually. Players from the eFootball.Pro League that participated in the Group Stage include: TioMit and Bounti27 from Boavista FC, representing France, and Stewart Westley, also known as TheWezzatron, pundit for Matchday 4, representing the United Kingdom. In Group 2, E_C_Oneill from Celtic FC, representing the Netherlands, and Christopher from Boavista FC, representing Portugal in Group 4.

Coop Demolition Machine 2 news

©KONAMI / Celtic FC's player E_C_Oneill competed in both 1v1 and CO-OP categories in the PES League Europe Regional Finals S1. His team The Demolition Machine, where INDOMINATOR also plays, is qualified for Season 2 too.

TioMit won Group 2, with two games conquered (1-3, 0-3) and only one draw (0-0), being the only French player qualified for the knockout stages. Stewart Westley came in short of qualifying for the next stage of PES League Season 1, ending his performance with one win (3-0), one draw (3-3), and one defeat (1-3). On the other hand, E_C_Oneill finished in second place of Group 4, being the only Dutch qualifying for the next round of the tournament with two victories (3-2, 2-1). As for Christopher, he finished in third place, with one victory (0-3) and two defeats (3-2, 0-2).

On the quarterfinals, TioMit  won 3-2 against the Spanish player The_Palma2. E_C_Oneill lost 1-2 to S-Venom, from Germany. eFootball.Pro League players participation in 1v1 on PES League 2019 Europe Round Season 1 finished with the elimination of TioMit in the semifinal. The French player lost 5-2 to German player S-Venom.