E_C_Oneill is the Season MVP of the eFootball.Pro League

The Celtic FC player won the award after having won 2 Matchday MVPs and being chosen by the fans

Celtic FC player E_C_Oneill has been named as the MVP of the Season. E_C_Oneill’s performances have been outstanding, with 12 goals throughout eFootball.Pro Regular League and Finals, after he joined the Scottish club in Matchday 3. He won Match MVP and Matchday MVP in Matchday 4, and Finals MVP.

His Matchday MVP performance during Matchday 4, against AS Monaco, was key in helping Celtic FC achieve a victory. His performance included 1 goal and 1 assist, and did many effective passes to his teammate INDOMINATOR. That match ended 0-1, a score that helped Celtic FC to win the Regular League. His performance was also vital during the Finals, where he scored 7 goals.

For E_C_Oneill to win the prize, he had to have the most points in MVPs earned from Matchday MVPs and the Finals MVP. Matchday MVPs had a value of 1 point and the Finals MVP had a value of 2 points. He earned Matchday MVP in Matchday 4 (1 point) and won the Finals MVP (2 points), having earned 3 points and winning the Season MVP.