The first season of the eFootball.Pro League in photos

Relive the most exciting moments of the year with this recap featuring the best reactions of the players

©eFootball.Pro / FC Nantes' Aazbabysk and AS Monaco's Usmakabyle exchange their jerseys after their match on Matchday 2.

©eFootball.Pro / FC Schalke 04's players GoooL (left) and EL_Matador (right) celebrate a goal during Matchday 2.

©eFootball.Pro / AS Monaco duo Usmakabyle (left) and Lotfi (right) smile as they play their Matchday 2 match.

©eFootball.Pro / Boavista FC's player Christopher smiles during Matchday 3.

©eFootball.Pro / Alex Alguacil (left) and PaUUU24 (right) from FC Barcelona enjoying their victory on Matchday 3.

©eFootball.Pro / FC Nantes' Alex GRD reacts to an action during Matchday 3.

©eFootball.Pro / FC Schalke 04 players celebrate a goal during MeroMen's (right) debut on Matchday 3.

©eFootball.Pro / E_C_Oneill (left) enjoying his time at the mixed zone after Matchday 4.

©eFootball.Pro / Boavista FC's players Christopher (left) and TioMit (right) celebrate a goal with anger during Matchday 4.

©eFootball.Pro / AS Monaco's player Usmakabyle prays before the final against Celtic FC.

©eFootball.Pro / FC Barcelona's player PaUUU24 celebrates a goal during the second semifinal against AS Monaco.

©eFootball.Pro / Celtic FC's player E_C_Oneill celebrates a goal during the first semifinal against FC Nantes.