#10YearChallenge: eFootball.Pro Edition!

eFootball.Pro League players join the #10YearChallenge social media trend

We have already seen football players, celebrities, and just about everyone else take on the #10YearChallenge. The #10YearChallenge consists in posting two pictures of yourself, one from 2009 and one taken recently, on social media to share with your followers how much you've changed. We did the same with some of the eFootball.Pro League players. Check them out below and tell us what you think on Twitter or Instagram!



This Italian player has scored 4 goals for Celtic FC!

2. Alex GRD

Alex GRD

Alex GRD plays for FC Nantes and has scored 1 goal!  He is from France.

3. GoooL


This player from Germany has scored 1 goal. He plays for FC Schalke 04!

4. Lotfi


This French youngster has scored 3 goals for AS Monaco!

5. PaUUU24


This Spanish player for FC Barcelona has scored 1 goal!

They may have changed in appearance but their passion for PES has never changed! Remember to tune in our channels on January 26th to watch the league's second Matchday, live on the official eFootball.Pro League channels:

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