Comebacks, goals, assists… 10 curious facts about the 2018-19 season (part 2)

After part 1, we take a look at some curious facts of the eFootball.Pro League inaugural year. You will find 5 more of them in this article

Alex GRD, former FC Nantes player, scored the fastest goal of the 2018-19 eFootball.Pro League. It was just 1 minute 25 seconds right after the game kicked-off. He made it in the exciting second match of Matchday 5, when Nantes, Boavista and Monaco were vying for a place in the Finals. This goal and the other four quickest goals of the year were reviewed in a dedicated article and video that you can watch by clicking on this link.
During Matchday 4, when FC Barcelona were struggling to qualify for the Finals and after a blaugrana victory in the first game, Aazbabysk opened the scoreboard for FC Nantes in the second game. But after two goals by Alex Alguacil and one by PaUUU24, Barcelona ended up winning the three points and the qualification, as well as performing the biggest comeback of the season. Boavista performed also an astonishing comeback by winning 3-2 over AS Monaco after being down 0-1 and 1-2, and with a goal in injury time.
There was only one throughout the Finals (during the Regular League this option was not available), but even if there had been more, the Celtic-Nantes’ one would have probably been the fastest and the best penalty shootout. After a 3-3 in the full time, teams had to prove to be the best in a five-penalty round. E_C_Oneill scored the first one and stopped Nantes’ first. Then INDOMINATOR emulated his teammate, and finally E_C_Oneill repeated a goal and a save, signing a 3-0 that gave no more chances to the French team.
Two players are tied in this category: the one for the most assists in 1 match. Alex Alguacil gave 5 assists to his teammate Pau during Matchday 3, when they won over Celtic FC. The other one is Usmakabyle, who during the Semifinals performed 5 assists too, although it is true that he had 3 games to do it, as it was in a Bo3 format, and Alguacil did it in a Bo2 during the Regular League. The FC Barcelona player was the one who gave the most assists during the Regular League, and the second after the Finals.
AS Monaco’s Usmakabyle was the player with the most match MVPs ranking during the Regular League. Voted by the eFootball.Pro League casters, he was chosen on Matchdays 1, 3 and 5. After that, fans had to vote for the Matchday MVP among the three who were selected by the experts from the three matches of the day. He won that voting twice, being ETTORITO97 the final winner of the first one. On the other hand, E_C_Oneill won the Finals MVP after the spectators’ votes on Twitter.