Comebacks, goals, assists… 10 curious facts about the 2018-19 season (part 1)

We take a look at some curious facts of the eFootball.Pro League inaugural year. You will find 5 of them in this article

The latest goal of the competition happened on Matchday 4 and was scored by Boavista’s TioMit against Schalke 04 in the minute 94:30 of the first game. Not only TioMit but also his teammate Christopher proved experts at scoring during injury time. During the Finals, there was a goal scored even later, but it was in the Semifinals, when Usmakabyle was in charge of a goal in the injury time of the extra-time (120+2’).
AS Monaco showed throughout the season that they know how to win a match with a big goal difference. They did it in the third match of the Semifinals against FC Barcelona (0-6, the biggest winning margin of the season) and on Matchday 3 against Boavista (1-6). Their matches were usually plenty of goals; in fact Lotfi won the “Top Scorer of the Season” award, and Usmakabyle obtained the one for the ”Top Assists Provider”. All in all these two players scored 38 goals adding the ones of the Regular League and the Finals.
The first game of the Semifinal in which AS Monaco won over FC Barcelona lasted more than 121 in-game minutes, being the longest match. In real time, that meant over one hour of amazing Pro Evolution Soccer. During the Regular League, although extra-time was not allowed, the match between Boavista FC and AS Monaco lasted longer than usual due to a “momentum interruption”. The second game had to be replayed and in total it took more than 112 in-game minutes and around a real hour too.
Due to the Bo3 and Bo5 formats, the Semifinals and Finals allowed much more time to score than the Regular League matches. The semifinal between FC Barcelona and AS Monaco was the match with the most goals. 15 goals were scored: five by Barça and ten by Monaco, the winners. During the Regular League, with the normal Bo2 matches, the Monegasque team was also playing, this time against Boavista, when the fixture ended with 12 goals.
After a change in the video game mode, individual stats were counted starting on Matchday 3. Since then, and taking into account both Regular League and Finals, E_C_Oneill was the player who completed the most passes (778). But he played one more match than the second in the ranking, Alex Alguacil, being however, the player who performed more passes in the Regular League (360) and also the one who completed more successful ones after the Finals (616), overcoming the record of 614 set by the Celtic’s player.