The eFootball.Pro League Finals in pictures

These are the best images of the Semifinals and the Final of the international esports competition for football clubs only

©eFootball.Pro / The eFootball.Pro League trophy on the league's stage.

©eFootball.Pro / Celtic FC's player E_C_Oneill celebrates a goal during the first semifinal against FC Nantes.

©eFootball.Pro / FC Nantes' player Alex_GRD (in the foreground) talks about tactics with teammate Aazbabysk during the first semifinal against Celtic FC.

©eFootball.Pro / FC Nantes' player Aazbabysk during the mixed zone after the semifinal against Celtic FC. FC Nantes' lost the match in the penalty shootout of the second game out of three.

©eFootball.Pro / FC Barcelona's player Alex Alguacil (left) and AS Monaco's player Usmakabyle (right) enter the stage before the second semifinal.

©eFootball.Pro / FC Barcelona's player PaUUU24 celebrates a goal during the second semifinal against AS Monaco.

©eFootball.Pro / AS Monaco's player Usmakabyle prays before the final against Celtic FC.

©eFootball.Pro / Celtic FC's player E_C_Oneill during the final match against AS Monaco. Celtic FC lost the final after losing three games out of five.

©eFootball.Pro / AS Monaco's players Lotfi (with his back turned) and Usmakabyle hug after their victory in the eFootball.Pro League final.

©eFootball.Pro / AS Monaco's players Usmakabyle (left) and Lotfi (right) raise the eFootball.Pro League trophy.

©eFootball.Pro / Celtic FC's player INDOMINATOR answers the questions of reporter Diego Lorijn during the awards ceremony. He and his teammate E_C_Oneill (left) are the runner ups of the eFootball.Pro League.