Players' thoughts of their performance after Schalke 04 vs FC Barcelona in Matchday 2

The players affirm that having a clear game plan and confidence can increase your chances of winning a match

After FC Barcelona's defeat against Schalke 04, Alex Alguacil felt "disappointed, I think that we deserved a much better result than this one", but that " general, I think that we played well, much better than in the first round. I think that if we keep going this way, we're pretty sure we'll be on top."

Despite their defeat, they still rely confident on passing to the next round. "Looking at all the games, we have to be confident with ourselves. We see how they play, they try not to risk any moment".

The winners of the last match of the day, Schalke 04, had EL_Matador assure that "we knew that Barcelona was very good with the ball. We had a lot of problems, I think, in the first game, and then the plan was to take the ball and make it more calm."

In regards of their victory, the German player thinks that "in the end the win is deserved, because in the second game we had a lot of clearly chances. Yeah, that's football."

When asked about what was their game plan all about, he said that "the plan was to keep the ball more than Barcelona, to take it from them. I think it was a good plan in the end".