Players' thoughts of their performance after FC Nantes vs AS Monaco in Matchday 2

The players talk about how their confidence is key in moving forward to the next stage of the eFootball.Pro League

After the first match of the day, the youngest player of the tournament and MVP of the matchday, Lotfi, from AS Monaco, thought that "in the beginning, we were very very bad, it was not our level. After, in the second half of our first game, it was better, we scored a goal, but we lost the game".

He also said that the team was "confident in the second game, because in the last (minutes) of the first game, we did our game great".

The player finally stated that "it's important to adapt against the teams. Nantes is a very speedy and physical team, I think it is the best team in this mode, very physical, so it is very difficult to play possession".

As for the other team of the first match, when the matchday commentator, Diego Lorijn, asked Alex GRD from FC Nantes if the see themselves as the best team of the tournament, the French player said that "it is very praised to hear this, because we played the two best teams, I think, in this competition (...): Usmakabyle, Lotfi, Ettorito, and Ildistruttore".

He also thought that "it complicated (the beginning of) eFootball.Pro, these two games, but (we got a) good point today. The second game (could have been) better I think".

The French players believe that they "need to win the three next games, we want to win the three next games because we know that we can, and to be in the top 3 for the playoff is important."