Players' thoughts of their performance after Celtic FC vs Boavista FC in Matchday 2

The players recognize that it's important to keep an eye on skills and details in order to advance to the next round

Right after the second game of the second match, Christopher's thoughts for Boavista's performance were that "it was difficult. In the second game, we changed the tactic because we understood finally that 4-4-2 was not the way to beat them. For the second game, we changed the settings, we played position style and we kept position style for the second game and we played better."

He affirmed that it is important to "always play in the little details. And congratulations to them, we will continue to work to get to the next round".

On the other hand, the hat-trick scorer of the day, ETTORITO97 from Celtic FC, said that "at first, in the game, me and Luca were very confident because we trained a lot online with a good result. Today we played two good games, probably the first better than the second".

When asked that if they believe that they see any other competition that they fear or if they view themselves as the clear favorites, they responded by saying "of course, all teams are very difficult. Monaco, for example, is very very strong. Schalke, Barcelona, I think all teams are good because they are professional players that have played in PES League and (there are) two world champions in this competition."

They finished saying that they think "it's difficult to win this competition. But at the moment we have 6 points, two 3s in a row. I'm so proud of this and all of this."